Sally Wells
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Sally Wells

Meet Sally, expert explorer and advocate for the many benefits of experiential travel. British-born, she first arrived in Mexico as an exchange student, studying for her language degree in Guadalajara. A focus on Latin American culture, history, and literature established a love for Mexico’s vibrant arts and customs that continues to blossom today.

After completing her qualifications at England’s University of Leeds, she returned to Mexico – this time to Puebla – sharing her passion for languages by teaching English in a local high school. A move to Puerto Vallarta brought the chance to join the Journey Mexico team and further build upon her already extensive Mexico travel knowledge.

Now, she’s using her personal experiences of Mexican adventure to help others feel the same joy she did (and still does) connecting with the country’s people and cultures.


Get to know Sally better

To help you get to know Sally better, we sat down and asked her five quickfire questions about Mexico. Here’s what she had to say…

Describe Mexico in three words
Bright, diverse, magical.

Where’s your favorite place in Mexico?
The beaches to the south of Puerto Vallarta are just paradise – sometimes you can even see whales and dolphins. I also love the views from the top of the Cobá ruins in the Riviera Maya that stretch out to the horizon. I also couldn’t miss out the train ride from Los Mochis to Creel through the Copper Canyon.

Where would you next like to visit in Mexico?
Holbox Island to relax and see the whale sharks! I’d also love to head to Oaxaca to hike in the Sierra Madre and be immersed in nature.

What’s your favorite Mexican meal?
Ceviche and a mezcal cocktail.

How would you spend a dream day in Mexico?
I would wake up early to see the sunrise and do a morning yoga class. Then, I would spend the afternoon exploring an ancient ruin or hiking in nature. In the evening. I would have dinner with friends plus sunset drinks before some dancing, if possible, or hanging out in the main square and enjoying the atmosphere!