Ancient Tomb of Dignitaries Found in Chiapas

Ancient discovery in Chiapas, MexicoA great archeological discovery was made last week in Chiapas, Mexico. Mexican and American archaeologists found a tomb containing the remains of four skeletons that, based on their location, the tomb, and the jewels on their appendages, are believed to be those of important dignitaries.

Based on their findings, the scientists believe that this tomb and it’s skeletal remains could be “the oldest of its kind in all of Mesoamerica,” possibly dating back to between 500 and 700 AD, which, if proven, would require the chronology of the Olmec and Mayan cultures as we know it to be completely adjusted.  (Source: La Prensa)

A trip to Chiapas is a must for all fans of archeological travel. As shown by this recent finding, Mexico is a country continually offering new findings and clues into the ancient world of Mesoamerica.

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