Celebrate Mexico at The Smithsonian Folklife Festival

2010 marks the 44th edition of The Smithsonian Festival in Washington D.C., and Mexico is one of the this year’s three featured programs. Since 1967, the festival has been drawing participants and visitors from all over the United States and from 80 nations around the world. This event, a museum without walls, and has come to be known as the world’s “Largest cultural conversation.” Although the first part of the festival has just concluded, the second part begins on July 1st and runs through the 5th.

As a reflection of the vast diversity of Mexico’s people, its land, and its culture, the  Mexico program consists of four themes: The Plaza, The Market, The Workshop, and The Field. Participants of the event “will engage visitors in ceremonial and social dances, satirical processions, traditional and rock music, foodways, crafts, vernacular architecture, healing traditions, farming and fishing techniques, tequila and mezcal production, and demonstrate the knowledge and creativity that has sustained their communities and helped to shape contemporary Mexico.”

More information, including photographs and videos, about this year’s festival can be found at the Smithsonian’s website.

Journey Mexico President, Zachary Rabinor, will be visiting Washington D.C. just after the festival and will be available on July 12th and 13th to meet and talk about the highlights of the Mexico program as well as about the incredible travel opportunities that the country of Mexico has to offer. If you will be in D.C. after the event and would like to meet with Zach, please leave us a message on our Facebook Page with your availability!

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