Chablé Resorts: Journey to Relaxation

Chablé Yucatán and Chablé Maroma are masters in the union of wellness, nature and luxury. These exceptional resorts capture the essence of peace and tranquillity, inspired by the natural and historical landscapes which surround them. While each stunning property shines its own quintessence, from the jungle to the coast, they both collectively invite guests into a story of stillness, reconnection and the art of relaxation.

Peeping out from lush jungle green, Chablé Yucatán is a beautiful sanctuary that’s located just 25 minutes to the south of Mérida. Within the 740-acre grounds stand a diligently restored, 19th Century Hacienda and 40 serene, stand-alone villas with private pools.  The use of natural materials like stone, wood and glass work in harmony with structural design, to create a sense of awareness and connection with the remarkable surroundings.

The heart of Chablé Yucatán has to be its mesmerising, private cenote. These natural, freshwater sinkholes are characteristic of the Yucatán and were considered sacred to the Mayans. Chablé pays homage to the mysticism of the site, choosing it as the perfect spot for the Spa’s ancient Mayan healing techniques, and mindful yoga practices.


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At Chablé, a good meal is rooted deep into the soil where ingredients are planted and harvested, it’s seasoned by the passion of the chef, and a celebration of its heritage. The sophisticated and innovative culinary experiences at Chablé use fresh produce from the hotels own traditional Mayan gardens, Ka’anches. Menus come from the vision of acclaimed chef Jorge Vallejo, and the hands of executive chef Luis Ronzón. To loosen up, the world’s largest private tequila collection is on hand.

The offerings and atmosphere at Chablé Yucatán take guests on a luxurious journey to tap into luxury, relaxation, and ultimately themselves. The surrounding area extends an invitation to connect with Mexican history, and extraordinary nature. Visit the archaeological sites of ancient Mayan cities, Uxmal and Kabah, swim in cenotes, observe pink flamingos in the Celestún Biosphere, and stroll down the Paseo de Montejo in Mérida city.

The route to reach the next relaxation hub, Chablé Maroma, is a trip through more history. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World is on the same path, the 75-feet tall Temple of Kukulkan, or El Castillo, at Chichen Itza. The surrounding cenotes are perfectly placed for a refreshing dip after such an impressive sight. Continuing east from the archaeological site, you’ll cross from Yucatán state into Quintana Roo, the home of Chablé Maroma.

Chablé’s coastal wellness resort is set on Punta Maroma, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mexican Caribbean thanks to its sparkling, turquoise waters and calming atmosphere. Time seems to flow at a different rate when you’re on a private, 650-foot, palm-studded beach. Reaching an affinity with the elements of this paradise is easy as you soak up the sun’s rays, snorkel with colorful fish and kayak through clear waters. The open walls and private pools of the contemporary accommodations, designed to connect with nature, also help.

In tune with its Yucatán sister, Chablé Maroma believes in living in harmony with nature and honoring cultural tradition. The Spa experience is based on three expressions of movement in the natural world; by water, the trees, and air. Rituals, therapies and treatments take inspiration from these to help guests to relax, restore and transform. Mayan cleansing rituals like the Temazcal, and guided meditations go beyond skin-deep.

A graceful pool sits parallel to the beach, with dining alongside by Kaban restaurant that reflects the colors, textures, and flavors of the sea. Bu’ul presents more wonderful culinary experiences by Jorge Vallejo, serving up contemporary cuisine from central and southern Mexico. The terrace bar, Raw, fuses mixology and fresh seafood dishes, with sparkling sea views.

To the south of Punta Maroma, there are cultural coastal gems to be experienced. Explore the Tulum archaeological site, the only Mayan city by the sea, or cruise the calm waters of Cozumel Island on a luxury catamaran. Adventure into the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, one of Mexico’s most important natural habitats that’s made up of an extensive water system, marshes, mangroves, and virgin tropical forest.

A blended stay from the jungle of Chablé Yucatán to the shores of Chablé Maroma is more than just a visit; it’s an experience of immersion in nature and privacy, of connection to wise tradition and to the self, a journey into luxury and relaxation.


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