Copper Canyon Needs Support For Dental Missions

Copper Canyon Mexico Dental VolunteersI just came across this organization of Dentists in Lonely Plane’ts Mexico Travel Forum, and they seem to be doing some great things in the Copper Canyon region of Mexico. The organization consists of a group of Dentists who voluntarily dedicate their time to improving the oral health of the community members local to the Copper Canyon. The focuses on cleaning, removing infected teeth from those in pain, and educating community members on how to care for their teeth.

The volunteer group has posted the following in the Lonely Planet forum:

“Here are the dates for upcoming dental missions to the Copper Canyon. We need translators, dental personnel and general helper outers. There is a small fund to help out a bit with expenses for an experienced dental assistant.

September 29 to October 11
November 3 to the 15th
February 2 to the 14th
March 2 to the 14th

The cost not including transportation to Tucson should be about 800 dollars. For more info go to

Hiking trips to the Copper Canyon have been a prominent aspect of Journey Mexico services since its inception, and interacting with local community members is a big part of what makes these hiking trips so special. We are always pleased to see people offering to help the members of the Copper Canyon community and if you know of anyone with dental expertise who may be interesting in doing some voluntourism, please forward them this post.

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