Flight of the Monarch Exhibit in Chicago

Migration of the Monarch Butterfly ExhibitThe Peggy Notebaert Museum Nature Museum is celebrating the annual migration of the Monarch Butterfly as a natural link between Mexico, the US, and Canada with an exhibit that debuts this Saturday in Chicago. The exhibit is being put on in conjunction with the Consulate General of Mexico and is entitled Sanctuary: Flight of the Monarch Butterfly. The exhibit is designed to “transport visitors of all ages on the wings of the Monarch Butterfly through the perspectives of award-winning Mexican artists” via paintings, photography, multimedia video, and sound installations.

Every year, millions of Monarch Butterflies travel thousands of miles from Canada, across the US, to a sanctuary in Michoacan, Mexico. This unbelievable feat attracts visitors to Mexico from around the globe as the sight of the millions of Monarchs is truly unforgettable.

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