Zaira Jimenez
Travel Planner
[email protected]
+52 322 225 9821

Zaira Jimenez

Zaira is a Mexican luxury travel devotee with a wealth of experience working for some of the biggest names in the industry. Spending her early years growing up in the small town of Acaponeta, Nayarit, she moved to the sun and sand of Puerto Vallarta when she was 18.

A passion for travel then led her to a Tourism Management and Development degree while her free time was spent working at the beautiful St. Regis resort in Punta Mita. Starting as a concierge and on the front desk, she later moved to the newly opened W Hotel in Punta Mita. A transfer to an elite vacation club, working as a destination planner and concierge, continued her rapid growth within the luxury travel industry.

Highly experienced and passionate, Zaira joined the Journey Mexico team in 2018 and has been an indispensable member ever since.


Get to know Zaira better

To help you get to know Zaira better, we sat down and asked her five quickfire questions about Mexico. Here’s what she had to say…

Describe Mexico in three words
Cultural, spiritual, passionate.

Where’s your favorite place in Mexico?
I am in love with Mexico City! Particularly its forest, parks, and amazing museums.

Where would you next like to visit in Mexico?
Oaxaca. I adore the color plus the arts and crafts handmade by the local artisans. I would love to do a workshop and learn the techniques of molding the mushy black clay into something beautiful as they do in Coyotepec.

What’s your favorite Mexican meal?
It’s so hard to choose just one! Okay, I will say beef quesadillas (with cheese) with guacamole salsa, Mexican salsa, and a pinch of spicy salsa (because, why not?) Add a Modelo Obscura beer to my order and I’m happy!

How would you spend a dream day in Mexico?
I love to be somewhere quiet, perhaps on a beach with a stunning view of the blue ocean. Somewhere like Cuixmala in Careyes would be perfect as it’s surrounded by vegetation as well. I would spend the day in peace with nature and the calming ocean waves, maybe take a walk around the beach and hike somewhere. Then I would enjoy time at the pool and drink a nice cold Modelo… basically just disconnect for a whole, blissful day.