12 Restaurants in Mexico We´re Excited About

Mexico is growing fast as a foodie destination thanks to a mouthwatering and diverse gastronomic scene, from sizzling street food and generational recipes to intimate chef´s tables and contemporary fine dining. Just one dish can tell many stories about culture, tradition, history, and people – we love connecting our guests to authentic culinary experiences that give a deeper understanding of Mexico´s past and present. As restaurants across the country gain international recognition, it´s an exciting time for food lovers in Mexico. Read on for 12 restaurants that we´re excited about right now!   

Fauna, Valle de Guadalupe

Set in northern Baja California´s wine region, Fauna offers creative dishes made from solely seasonal ingredients that are local to the region. Chef couple David Castro Hussong and Maribel Aldaco Silva innovate experimental menus that rotate on a daily basis, mixing flavors in an inventive way for the tasting and à la carte menus. Long tables are set out communal style, with beautiful views over the surrounding valley from the terrace. Fauna entered Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 list at #15, earning it the Highest New Entry Award for the best ever ranking on a debut.

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Le Chique, Cancún

Step into the ingenious mind of chef Jonatan Gómez Luna at Le Chique, located at Cancún´s Azul Beach Resort with vistas out to the sand.  Science meets fine dining as traditional Mexican dishes are reimagined through the lens of molecular gastronomy. Creativity is in overdrive on the 20+ course tasting menu, taking guests on a journey that ignites the senses and is puzzling and amusing in equal measures. Gómez´s inspiration was recognized in the peer-voted 2022 Estrella Damm Chef´s Choice Award.

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Villa Torél, Valle de Guadalupe

Villa Torél is a dining space within one of the historic vineyards of Santo Tomás, located at the entrance to Baja California´s wine route. Chef Alfredo Villanueva serves up a concise 12 dish menu and wine list of grapes from the area, perfectly paired with views from the dining terrace looking out to the vineyard and neighboring mountains. With Villa Torél, Villanueva created a home for his concept of ´proximity cuisine´, learning to prepare and cook what was available locally and working with orchards, ranches and fishermen, while promoting the spirit of the region.  

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Sud 777, Mexico City

The southern neighborhood of Pedregal is home to Sud 777, where chef Edgar Nuñez creates exotic flavor profiles with endemic Mexican ingredients. Featured numerous times on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list, Nuñez is known for his ´Mexican vegetable cuisine´ and is passionate about quality local produce (the restaurant´s has its own gardens), exploring the origins of his ingredients, as well as exploring the possibilities of their culinary transformation. Sud 777´s extensive seasonal tasting menus come with the option of a wine or juice and infusion pairing. Nuñez also runs Lo Dirás de Chía, a fruit and veg shop in the Condesa neighborhood.

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Máximo Bistrot, Mexico City

Now located in Mexico City´s Alvaro Obregón neighborhood, chef Eduardo García serves punchy flavor combinations on rustic wooden tables centered around a tree growing in the dining room. Máximo Bistrot sources seasonal, sustainable and local ingredients for its French Mexican farm-to-table concept, working closely with producers. Well established in Mexico City´s food scene, García won Estrella Damm´s Chef´s Choice Award for Best Reinvention in 2021.

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Arca, Tulum

Arca´s palapa-style dining area sits on the sand lining Tulum´s coastline, surrounded by lush leaves and palm trees. Chef José Luis Hinostroza presents a micro-seasonal menu of bold flavors composed of small sharing plates that pay homage to Mexican roots and traditions. Open-fire cooking and surprising ingredients are pillars of the dining experience, paired with an amazing setting in the Mexican Caribbean jungle. Arca features a celebrated cocktail bar with all-natural ingredients and inventive signature mixology that won a place on North America´s 50 Best Bars 2022 list.

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Pangea, Monterrey

In northeastern Mexico, Pangea´s chefs Eduardo Morali and Guillermo González Beristáin treat the region´s local produce with modern French cooking techniques. Packed with flavor and sophistication, diners can choose between the tasting menu with an optional pairing, menu of the day, or select à la carte. Beristáin owns vineyards and wineries along with his own artisanal beer brand, Bocanegra and the restaurant´s extensive wine list doesn´t disappoint. Pangea´s wide a array of outstanding contemporary cuisine is reflected in its consistent presence in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants rankings.

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Rosetta, CDMX

Rosetta adopted an old townhouse in the artistic Roma neighborhood as its chosen space, and is a classic in Mexico City. Diners can feel at home in a romantic, nostalgic, and leafy setting, while tasting chef Elena Reygadas´ signature creations alongside more traditional recipes. The à la carte menu is constantly changing depending on seasonal availability from small-scale producers and each dish is born from a deep respect for Mexican ingredients. Reygadas´ background in beautiful handmade pastas features alongside Mexican dishes reimagined in a contemporary light. For something on the go, Rosetta runs a sister bakery across the street. The chef also wrote a book featuring a selection of Rosetta´s recipes and personal reflections including pressing themes of sustainability, such as the social and environmental impact of industrialized food.

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Alcalde, Guadalajara

Alcalde represents Jalisco state at its core with menus that are packed with local ingredients alongside some international influences. Chef Francisco Ruano presents straightforward and sincere Mexican cooking, bringing simplicity and culinary heritage to modern gastronomy. The four- or seven-course tasting menus and à la carte options closely follow the cycle of the seasons, accompanied by signature cocktails, and a plentiful selection of wines and Mexican spirits.  Alcalde is a favorite among Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants rankings.

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Pujol, Mexico City

Pujol has become something of an institution in Mexico City with over two decades highlighting Mexican culinary culture. A regular on both The World’s 50 Best Restaurants (#5!) and Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants lists, chef Enrique Olvera creates refined Mexican cuisine where diners can opt for the seasonal tasting menu or omekase taco bar. A year-round signature staple is Pujol´s “mole madre, mole nuevo”, featuring a ring of mole that´s been aged for 1000+ days and paying homage to the sauce that´s as rich as its history. We also applaud Olvera´s support of sustainable, eco-friendly production, food waste reduction, and educational kitchens.

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La Docena Oyster Bar & Grill, Guadalajara

Bringing the best of the sea, La Docena is a casual and vibrant experience with a soundtrack that´ll put you in a great mood. Diners can enjoy vintage Mexican wines from Baja California and sit around a central grill with the buzz of Guadalajara´s streets outside. The quality and freshness of ingredients take center stage, expertly prepared by chef Tomás Bermúdez Trejo and team, to celebrate the splendor of Mexican seafood with a straightforward delivery. Named ´the dozen´, oysters are in no short supply with a variety of different types served raw or grilled. La Docena´s fulfilling flavors and atmosphere earned it a place on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants rankings.

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Quintonil, CDMX

Quintonil is fast becoming a favorite in Mexico City thanks to chef Jorge Vallejo´s boundary-pushing cuisine together with the warm hospitality of his wife, Alejandra Flores. Vallejo´s dishes showcase fresh, local ingredients and classic Mexican flavors with contemporary preparations.Quintonil´s namesake Mexican herb dances through dishes and drinks on the a la carte and seasonal tasting menus, while counter seating comes with its own menu featuring Mexican insects and a view of the open kitchen. Many of the restaurant’s vegetables and greens are freshly picked from a nearby garden, winning sustainability points for sourcing produce hyper-locally! Quintonil came in at #9 on The World´s 50 Best Restaurants, with the chef winning the peer selected The Estrella Damm Chefs’ Choice Award.

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