4 Reasons Imanta Resorts is the Perfect Place to Disconnect

Imanta’s dreamy balance of nature and luxury is the ideal sanctuary to disconnect from busyness, and reconnect with serenity. A place where the bustle of everyday life can melt away for a while, the luxe-boutique is tucked away between the jungle and ocean of Banderas Bay, just north of Punta Mita. Find out why Imanta is the perfect oceanfront haven below.

1. Natural Beauty

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the exceptional beauty that surrounds Imanta. Cradled by palm-tree-studded jungle hills and the Pacific Ocean stretching as far as the eye can see, this is no ordinary place; it’s a tropical paradise. The sound of waves bubbling onto the shore and nature’s melodies are rather encouraging when it comes to letting go and really relaxing. Deepen your connection to the elements with jungle hikes, kayaking, or a tasty lunch with your feet in the sand.

2. Opulent Accommodations

The accommodations feel like spacious opulent hideaways, carefully designed with materials that blend into the natural textures and tones of the area. Nestled in green canopy, the spaces feel private while enjoying stunning ocean and jungle views. You can feel in total quietude, enveloped by nature, while basking in luxury amenities. Air conditioning, private pools and terraces, spa-esque bathrooms and bathtubs carved from rocks make your nature-immersive retreat a plush one.

3. Wellness Treatments and Spa

Which idyllic location would you like to be pampered at? Take your pick from the open-air Jungle Spa, beach massage pavilion, or the privacy of your own gorgeous room. There’s nothing like a relaxing treatment to help you disconnect and unwind, especially in these settings. Surrender with an aromatic flower bath, hot stone massage, or a rejuvenating facial. For mind-body connection, try a private yoga session at the highest point of the resort, or tap into ancestral wisdom with a cleansing Temazcal ritual.

4. Secluded Location

Imanta’s secluded location is a big part of the appeal for those looking to unhook from the outside world. You’ll feel like you’re stumbling upon a beautiful secret as you drive the long entrance paths through trees, discovering the treasure that lies ahead. It’s not often you can look around and see little else but nature. Imagine an otherworldly desert island; now add in high-end luxury amenities, attentive yet unobtrusive service, and a balmy sense of peace. Exhale slowly, that’s Imanta.