65 Days Of Solitude

After 65 days of video conferences, panels, webinars, global classrooms, and industry think tanks, I’m nearly all Zoomed out – living my own magic realism. It’s been an inward journey where each day is a year; news travels at the speed of light as does our understanding of the world; while we all just stay put. Unimaginable, and yet we are living it.

The good news is, things are changing – PROGRESS! China has opened, Italy is opening, and Europe, the US, and Mexico are loosening restrictions, we are making our way through this and however faint it may be, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Mexico’s stay at home orders will end on May 30th and a slew of hotels and villas are opening in June.  While limited in routing and frequency, commercial flights are available and operating into Mexico’s major airports. We’re working harder than ever on new standards and protocols along with our friends at the WTTC; we’ll be ready to welcome you when you feel safe to travel. Only second to your personal safety, we’ve worked hard on new Booking Terms and Conditions to afford you with as much flexibility as possible and protect your travel investment.

And it’s not just the governments and hotels that are moving forward, we’ve been pleasantly surprised with a flurry of interest and bookings that are showing new trends in the post-COVID mind-set: private homes, villas, and residences; remote, active adventures; and luxury beach relaxation are leading the way for the intrepid first wave of travelers who can’t wait to feed their pent up wanderlust!

Me personally, I’m ready to escape my own private Macondo and take this staycation on the road. I’m dreaming of taking my family down to the remote Pacific coast beaches for a wild camping surf trip with fresh ceviches, ice cold beer, and lots of hammock hanging in a remote stretch of perfect waves and friendly locals.  Dreams are rooted in memories and this week we’ll hear from our Business Development Manager based in the UK Amberley, who can’t stop dreaming about her favorite Mexico memories.

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