Journey Mexico’s Safe Touring Suite of Services

With worry-free travel still some months away, Journey Mexico has created a suite of safe touring services to add an extra layer of protection to travel in Mexico. These services are designed to offer travelers the ability to tour and experience Mexico in the safest way possible. Enjoy the services of a guide, visit historical sites, tour cities and towns in private vehicles, and more. These services provide intrepid travelers with the opportunity to create lifelong memories and unforgettable vacations we have all been missing.

Below are some of our exclusive safe touring services. Contact Journey Mexico for more information and details.

Private Tours & Experiences

Book after-hour and private visits to archeological sites, museums, and more.

Guide & Driver Testing & Quarantine

Before arrival, arrange for a dedicated driver and guide to quarantine and be tested for COVID-19.

Exclusive Guides & Drivers

Arrange for a dedicated driver and guide throughout a vacation. From airport transfers to day tours, limit contacts within vehicles.

COVID-19 Testing

Coordinate testing for our guest during travel and before departure as desired.

Please note that additional fees apply for additional services.
Contact a Journey Mexico Travel Planner for more information and cost of services

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