The Old Is The New

Remember big hair? Workout videos? Baking? Doing Puzzles? Buzz Cuts?

What was old, will once again be new and so it is during the COVID19 outbreak.
As we look forward to what is next for us, we’re excited and clear that, at least for us at Journey Mexico, the old is the new too.

We founded Journey Mexico 17 years ago to share Mexico’s towering peaks, thundering surf, jaw-dropping landscapes, and vibrant culture with the world and we’re singularly focused on improving the way we do it into the future.  Implementing new systems as well as an upgrade of our Booking Software will certainly make us more efficient and better able to serve our valuable guests.  We’ll bring a renewed appreciation of the honor and gift to serve those who entrust us with their valuable travel time too.

Other old things that seem new include our first post-COVID bookings scheduled to travel as soon as June and stretching into the fall and winter of 2020-21.  I remember our first ever bookings at Journey Mexico back in 2003 from my garage, which I called Suite G to seem like I worked in an office…  these first post-pandemic bookings evoke the same hope and optimism 17 years later.  And something as routine as heading to the airport and getting on a flight also seemed incredibly adventurous and new as our team members did just that (essential travel) on Friday of last week!  Despite the anxiety around airports, immigration lines and the flight itself, it turned out to be extremely mundane albeit a bit eerie with the incredible emptiness of the airports, plane, and general departure/arrival processes.

Like an old pair of blue jeans, slowing down, cooking as a family, reading on a lazy Sunday, have all been dusted off and tried on again, as has taking care of our neighbors in times of need.  I was telling one of my dear industry friends from Avenue Two Travel about how we had organized a food drive to help some of the most vulnerable families here in our home town of Puerto Vallarta for only $15.00 USD / family/week; she immediately volunteered to adopt 10 families for a week!  If any of you are so inclined, there’s an insurmountable demand for basic food here where unemployment has reached over 80% (Puerto Vallarta) and we’d be glad to facilitate your support.

And finally, what never gets old, and is always new and inspiring for us are our amazing memories of Mexico; Jessica Seba, our Villa Program Director shares hers with us this week below.  I for one am delighted to find that digging deep into the old core values and inspiration of what has gotten us this far still seems timely, fresh, relevant, and new!

Warm regards from Mexico,

Zachary Rabinor
Founder | President | CEO

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