We Can’t Wait to See You Again

Dear faithful Journey Mexico team, friends, family, and community,

It is hard to believe it has been more than a year since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the most important and impactful global crisis most of us have ever experienced. The Pandemic has accelerated and amplified the true essence of each and every one of us at a personal, familial, and professional level. It’s also laid bare our values. I’m humbled and honored to see the true colors of our team, partners, guests, and clients in the face of such difficult times – what an amazing community we’ve built through good times and now crisis. We’re already seeing the first waves of recovery, which will surely spread throughout the world – the light at the end of the tunnel is clear and although we are not there yet, I’m hopeful and confident that it grows brighter every day.

I wanted to take an important pause before the long awaited and direly needed recovery and the breakneck pace that will surely ensue to THANK YOU. Gracias for your patience as we struggle to emerge from the wreckage of the pandemic; gracias for your understanding of just how catastrophic the complete collapse of demand has been to our businesses and life’s work; Gracias for your support and kind words of encouragement in the darkest of times; and gracias your trust in us throughout and as we slog through the choppy and challenging recovery. And of course MIL GRACIAS for your business, which has meant so much more than the desperately needed dollars and cents it brought: your trust, positivity, and faith in us has kept us going!

It’s hard to express the excitement I feel about the future of our lives, families,  companies, and industry; I’m already seeing how much stronger, more resilient, creative, and thoughtful we’ve become. I can’t wait to reunite with old friends and new; to extend a friendly handshake and a warm hug to so many that I’ve missed so much; to travel near and far, narrow and wide, to my familiar favorite places and the far ends of the earth; and restoke my wander lust for all that is new and intriguing as well as reconnect with the world, my friends, and my community.  We’ve navigated a unique moment in time together; we’ll remember each other not because we got to the other side, but for HOW we supported each other, the JOURNEY that we undertook together. Rest assured we’re committed to the future with the same resilience, strength, teamwork, and commitment to share safe, transformative, and seamless travel experiences when you are ready.

Strong, optimistic, and compassionate regards from Mexico,

Zachary Rabinor
Founder | President | CEO

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