I can’t begin without hope, a hope that all of you and yours are healthy, safe, and strong.  Hope that those who are suffering recover quickly and fully.  And, hope and sincere belief that this too will pass.

We are explorers, travelers, pioneers, and we seek new experiences and adventures….   Well, we’ve certainly got more than we bargained for with COVID-19.  We’ve now been self-isolating for more than 2 weeks along with much of the world; the abrupt shutdown of the travel industry and the global economy has been stunning.  We’ve adopted new behaviors and routines, homeschool for the kids, a never-ending schedule of videoconferences and contingency planning keeps us busy with work, with one day more unexpected than the previous.

I was reflecting back to exactly one year ago; in early January my family and I shipped our Toyota Land Cruiser to the tip of South America and set out on an epic sabbatical adventure that transformed us and our lives.  We drove 25,000 kilometers through 13 countries, from tierra del fuego back to our home in Mexico over the course of 7 months, but our family journey went far beyond time and space.  On April 2nd,  2019 we were just setting out on the incredible Salkantay Trek that would take us through some of the most stunning scenery the Andes can muster from tropical river valleys to towering glaciated peaks in the company of an incredible group – a highlight amongst highlights for sure.  While the circumstances couldn’t be more different from the present outwardly, it was this trip and all my cumulative travels that have prepared me and all of us for what we now are faced with (Yes the 500 hours of road time together in a car was good training for the current situation!).

The ability to adapt to change, to face the unexpected, to be calm under pressure and to embrace uncertainty are hallmarks of the true traveler.  Similarly, our openness to new experiences, to sudden changes in plans, and to make lemonade out of lemons are key characteristics for those of us who love the open road.  However, our journey now is internal: our challenge is to dig deep into the furthest reaches of our traveler’s ingenuity to forge forward into the unknown.

The good news is we have a plan: stay at home, flatten the curve, and then…  do what we do best, hit the road!  I hope our teams messages and videos give you a good sense of what we’ve been up to and how this experience, like travel, is transforming us to be the best we can be for ourselves, our families, our team, and ultimately for you when it is once again safe to travel.

Stay safe, strong, compassionate, and positive; together we will get through this!


Zachary Rabinor
Founder | President | CEO






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