Chiapas Gastronomy & Restaurant Guides

Chiapas food is a delectable blend of indigenous and Spanish influences. The regional cuisine in and around San Cristobal, Chiapas differs from the cuisine in other parts of Mexico. In San Cristobal you’ll find a variety of beef, pork and chicken dishes prepared with local herbs and seasonings and often using less chili pepper than in other regions of the country.

San Cristobal offers some of the best dining options in the state where you’ll have your choice of restaurants serving up a mix of tantalizing traditional Mexican and international cuisines.

Regional specialties include tasajo (thinly sliced beef marinated in an achiote chili sauce), chicken with mole (sauce prepared with chili peppers, spices and chocolate) and pork with pipian (pumpkin seed sauce). Local artisanal cheeses are produced in the town of Ocosingo and seafood and dried shrimp are common in towns and villages located out along the coast.

Beverages unique to Chiapas include pozol (a corn based beverage flavored with chocolate or sugar) and tazcalate (a beverage made from ground toasted corn, chocolate, sugar, cinnamon and achiote).

Time for a coffee break? Cafe Museo Cafe is both a cafe and museum in San Cristobal that documents the history of coffee cultivation in the highlands of Chiapas. This museum is run by a local cooperative and supports community-based indigenous coffee production in the region. One of Chiapas’ top attractions, the museum offers tastings of locally produced organic Chiapas brews.

You can also visit coffee plantations in the Chiapas highlands to get a firsthand look at the production process. Several fincas (farms) are located along Mexico’s ruta de cafe (coffee route) outside the town of Tapachula. These Chiapas attractions offer guided tours, lodging and insight into some of the innovative new eco-conscious farming practices that are being implemented in the region. /


San Cristobal de las Casas Restaurants


Location: Cristobal Colon 3, Centro International
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 1:00pm-11:45pm
Phone: 967 631 4621 Credit Cards Accepted

Cocoliche is a restaurant that gathers different ideas in a single menu. The international techniques blend with local and traditional Mexican ingredients to seduce the most demanding
palates. The result is always original and delicious offering surprising flavors combinations. Their philosophy is ‚Äúa little bit of each country, a little bit of each town‚ÄĚ. It is a small and cozy place with an emblematic Mexican decoration. At night Cocoliche features local musicians, DJs and cabaret



Tierra y Cielo

Location: Benito Juarez 1, Centro Chiapas Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 1:00pm-11:00pm
Phone: 967 678 0354 Credit Cards Accepted

This is a regional cuisine restaurant located in a grand house in the Historic Center.   It is the ideal space to promote the cuisine of Chiapas and taste rescued recipes of the region. In Tierra y Cielo, they offer unforgettable experiences that contribute to the sustainable development of Chiapas while providing world-class service. The chef and her staff focus on presenting traditional recipes and regional products dressed in a creative and contemporary way. Fair trade and sustainability are policies that govern all their processes.




Location: Belisario Dominguez 35, Barrio del Cerrillo Mexican International
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm; Sunday closes at 6:00pm
Phone: 967 631 6285 Credit Cards Accepted

Frontera is a place for coffee lovers. They are passionate about coffee and honest food, obsessed with
knowing all the secrets behind the micro-origins and producers they work with. The menu is inspired by travels and places in Mexico and the world, and is based in the community. Food supplies are fresh and they try to offer products with high nutritional content, which allows you to eat in a healthy and conscious way. The menu changes regularly according to the freshest products available. The food is prepared at the moment, to give the best flavor of the menu.



Location: 5 de Mayo 38, Hotel Bo, Centro Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 7:00am-11:00pm
Phone: 967 678 1516 Credit Cards Accepted

LUM, which in Tzotzil means earth, is an inviting place that reflects the colors of San Cristobal de las Casas while paying homage to the three other classical elements that are essential to life: air, water and fire. In the kitchen, the intrinsic value of each ingredient is respected to create original dishes that reference classic international flavors, aromas and textures while preserving and celebrating the distinct Mexican culinary culture. The team brings to your table freshly made dishes and personalized service, reflecting our love and passion for food.



500 Noches

Location: Mercado San Agustín, Miguel Hidalgo 6, Centro Interntaional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 9:00am-2:00am
Phone: 967 631 5918 Credit Cards Accepted

The design and ambiance of 500 Noches make guests feel integrated in Hispano-American history and culture and the music at this place is an essential part of the experience. In this restaurant the art, wine, coffee and food have special meaning and is expressed through every part of their menu. They also have a wide variety of Mexican crafted beers. The entire staff is committed to offering the best service possible.


Carajillo CAF√Č

Location: Allende 114, Centro Mexican Interntaional
Reservations: Not Necessary Hours: Daily 1:00pm-11:00pm
Phone: 967 678 2010 Credit Cards Accepted

In Carajillo, coffee is prepared with the care and caress that it deserves: the beans are roasted and ground in small quantities every day, and the drinks are prepared in view of the diners. Carajillo serves only organic coffee grown in the Altos de Chiapas; there is also Mexican wine, chocolate, tea and mixology. Among its culinary offering this place has the traditional chilaquiles and enmoladas and delicious apple strudel. The specialty is the slow brewed coffee, made in chemex, cold brew or Turkish.



Jardines de San Cristobal

Location: Carretera San Juan Chamula KM 3, Barrio La Quinta Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Wednesday through Saturday 8:30am-10:30pm
Phone: 967 112 5252 Credit Cards Accepted

Jardines de San Cristobal opened in 2005 as a house at the bottom of the mountains that offers typical food of Chiapas. The owners always envisioned being able to rescue the families richest recipes of the region and today it is something they fully accomplished. Their food reflects respect for the original recipes, like the chipilin con bolitas and lengua almendrada. This restaurant has a large beautiful garden accompanied with great service that makes every guest feel the warm hospitality of  Mexico.


El Fogon de Jovel

Location: 16 de Septiembre 11, Cento Chiapas Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 8:30am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-10:00pm
Phone: 967 678 1121 Credit Cards Accepted

El Fogón de Jovel, spread across a lovely colonial courtyard, strikes a balance: it caters to tourists but is still popular with locals. Order the Parrillada Chiapaneca for a sampling of regional specialties of Chiapas. Also available is a large selection of tamales, such as the tamal untado, which is stuffed with chicken and mole. In keeping with local ways, they serve a margarita made with posh (local firewater). The atmosphere us softly harmonized with beautiful marimba music and all the staff wear proudly traditional indigenous clothe in a way to express the authentic Mexican spirit.