Colonial Mexico Gastronomy & Restaurant Guides

Mexico is famed for its gastronomy and beyond the tacos and guacamole of world renown, there are rich and various culinary traditions spanning the whole country. The tastes, smells and textures of traditional Mexican ingredients are an assault on the senses, especially the more exotic items such as maguey worms, ants and fried grasshoppers. And the subtle blend of flavors in dishes such as mole and traditional Mexican salsas are sure to delight the palates of even the most conservative diners. The food in Mexico is a culture surrounded by variety and traditions and tasting your way through the interior of Mexico, through the Colonial Heartland, is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the culture.


Guadalajara Restaurants
One of the best ways to experience a destination is through its food, and Guadalajara is no exception. The Mercado Libertad, sometimes called the Mercado de San Juan de Dios after the neighborhood in which it is located, is close to the Hospicio Caba√Īas and the Plaza de los Mariachis. This vast emporium of nearly 500,000 square feet distributed on three floors sells all manner of products from fresh produce, meat and flowers to handicrafts, cowboy hats and boots to electronic gadgets and appliances. After working up an appetite browsing the stalls and bargaining for souvenirs, head to the second floor where you‚Äôll find plenty of fondas (small family run restaurants) to sample some of Guadalajara‚Äôs culinary specialties.

Locals know which places serve the best food, so follow their lead: head to the busiest stalls for some authentic comida jalisciense (food of Jalisco state). Tortas ahogadas, the signature dish of Guadalajara, are ‚Äúdrowned sandwiches‚ÄĚ made with a dense roll stuffed with pork and drenched in spicy salsa. Or satisfy you hunger with a filling bowl of pozole, corn hominy soup made with either pork or chicken. If you like your food hot and spicy, choose red pozole; otherwise stick with the white. Another specialty of Jalisco is birria, a spicy Mexican meat stew made with either goat or lamb. The meat is baked slowly with spices, traditionallyin an underground earthen oven. A plate with minced onions, cilantro and limes accompanies your bowl of birriaso youcan garnish it to your liking. /

Lula Bistro

Location: San Gabriel 3030 Jardines del Bosque International Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday 8:00pm-11:30pm; Tuesday through Saturday 2:00pm-5:00pm & 8:00pm-11:30pm
Phone: 333 647 6423 Credit Cards Accepted

Lula Bistro Restaurant was awarded Best Chef and Best Restaurant by Distincion Bohemia. Lula Bistro exhibits an avant-garde cuisine in a cozy and modern space. The Chef, Darren Walsh, plays with textures, the aesthetics, technique and flavors to create an outstanding culinary experience. It was also Nominated for Best New Restaurant and Best Art on a Plate in 2012, and Best Degustation Menu and Best Art on Plate in 2013 by the famous Travel & Leisure Magazine México.gdl-lulu


Anita Li

Location: Inglaterra 3100, Vallarta Pte Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Sunday through Thursday 1:30pm-6:30pm; Friday and Saturday closes at 1:00am
Phone: 333 647 4757 Credit Cards Accepted

Anita Li is the original name of this place created by the owners of I Latina. This restaurant is as original as its name suggest. The Chef is always seeking new ways to surprise even the most demanding guests. The experimentation and creativity are the most important elements in the cuisine of this spectacular restaurant. The cuisine fusions French and Asian influences with in a mainly Mexican style. The chef uses only fresh ingredients from local producers featuring special dishes every week.



Location: Mexico 2903, Santa Rita Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 1:00pm-2:00am; Sunday closes at 6:30pm
Phone: 333 615 7400 Credit Cards Accepted

The philosophy that governs the kitchen and the service of Alcalde has as key elements the simplicity, sincerity and attachment to the genuine. By integrating local seasonal products obtained from local producers, they seek to offer a unique experience in an open kitchen. In addition to connecting with the environment, Alcalde seeks to recover traditional flavors and textures, around which has built its identity with a clearly Mexican style. A simple presentation and a diner willing to be surprised complete the experience.


I Latina

Location: Inglaterra 3128. Vallarta Pte Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 7:00pm-1:00am; Sunday 1:30pm-6:30pm
Phone: 333 647 7774 Credit Cards Accepted

I Latina opened in June 1999 and from then until now, the place, the dishes, decor and creativity have been part of an adventure, which arose from the desire to propose something different. Music, furniture and design have complemented a gastronomic plan to have fun at the table eating delicious. The menu is a mix of Asia (Vietnam and Thailand), the Mediterranean and Mexican, three sources of inspiration. This is a restaurant that surprise in every bite.


La Chata de Guadalajara

Location: Corona 126, Centro Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 7:30am-12:00am
Phone: 333 613 1315 Credit Cards Accepted

The excellent taste and charisma of Do√Īa Carmen Castorena Vazquez ‚ÄúLa Chata‚ÄĚ, founder of this emblematic restaurant, since 1942, was part of a tradition preserved by generations, delighting the local audience as well as the visitors. This restaurant has the seasoning, quality, hygiene and good service that characterize it as the pioneer of traditional cuisine in Guadalajara. Taste the different dishes prepared with care and delicious traditional ingredients that set the tone of the best traditional food in the city.


La Tequila

Location: Mexico 2830, Terranova Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 1:00pm-12:00am; Sunday closes at 7:00pm
Phone: 333 640 3440 Credit Cards Accepted

Since its opening on 1995, this restaurant has been a proud exponent of the extraordinary gastronomic Mexican heritage, following the traditional recipes. La Tequila passionately promotes the local consumption of products of the highest quality, as well as the knowledge and tasting of distillates that are produced in Mexico. They have a range of over 200 tequilas and 25 mescals. It was also the first restaurant in Jalisco to
receive the award of ‚ÄúTreasures of Mexico‚ÄĚ which aims to promote excellence in restaurants whose high standards of service, cuisine and architectural character reflect the cultural richness of Mexico.


Santo Coyote

Location: Lerdo de Tejada 2379, Americana Mexican Fusion
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 8:00am-12:00am
Phone: 333 615 9376 Credit Cards Accepted

Every corner of Santo Coyote narrates the fusion of two races in New Mexico that gave rise to fusion cuisine and a pagan culture full of mystery. The artwork that covers every area of Santo Coyote is created by Hugo Ayvar, who carved and beautifully painted the spaces, creating a fascinating atmosphere that enchants from the first moment. The of food offered in this restaurant is an original creation the executive chef Joaquin Rodriguez. Those who live with passion will find in this place a different experience.




Location: Efrain Gonzalez Luna 2061 Lafayette Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 8:00pm-1:30am
Phone: 333 615 7915 Credit Cards Accepted

This restaurant is located in a 1940 totally renewed building. More tha ten thousand bones are part of the surprising decoration that made this place awarded as Best Concept Restaurant in the Gourmet Awards 2016. Eating in Hueso is a innovative experience that not only surprise for the design but for the excellent fusion cuisine created by the Chef Alfonso Cadena. He makes a different menu every day that consist in up to 11 dishes placed in the centre of a communal table. The desserts offered here complement perfectly the gourmet delight.

[Download PDF for Printing: Guadalajara Restaurant Recommendations]
Morelia Restaurants

Morelia has an enormous amount to offer its visitors, from the colonial spectacle of its buildings and elegant, vibrant streets, to a delicious regional cuisine. The traditional kitchens of Morelia prepare trademark dishes that fuse the ancestral culinary secrets of the Purepechas with the flavor of spices and cold meats brought by the Spanish
at the time of the conquest. The Purepechas not only forged an amazing culinary syncretism by combining the ingredients of both continents, but also modified the Spaniards’ long-established cooking techniques. They continued to use their typical clay pots and dishes, and adapted new metal utensils to their traditional repertoire.

Morelia’s cuisine is varied, but any account of its traditional dishes must include pollo
placero (chicken with vegetables), prepared by experts in the markets and corundas, these tamal-shaped parcels are wrapped in distinctive green corn leaves. It is commonly believed that this dish was served to the caltzonzin, leader of the Purepechas, during elaborate wedding banquets. To toast this tasty banquet, there’s nothing better than the region’s official drink: charanda, a powerful cane liquor that is sure to leave you ready for bed.

The internationally famous Candy Museum is not just a museum; it also incorporates its
own sweet factory, located on the former Real Street (now Francisco I Madero), which displays to the curious visitor the different preparatory stages of authentic Morelia candies such as: laminillas, jellies, cajeta (goat’s milk caramel), coconut candies, guava rolls, jamoncillos de leche (milk candy bars), coated fruits,etc. The list quite simply goes on and on./



Location: Artilleros 1643. Chapultepec Mexican Italian
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 1:00pm-12:00am
Phone: 3443 315 1035 Credit Cards Accepted

Opened in 1999, Emiliano‚Äôs restaurant is one of the favorites of the local families. It is located in a traditional Michoacanan house. It¬īs specialties include Italian and Mexican classic dishes as handmade tortillas, grilled premium steaks, pizza, pasta and salads. They use in their products fresh and seasonal ingredients always. The terrace is an excellent place to enjoy dinner or a couple drinks in the bar. The service in Emiliano‚Äôs is recognized for being agile and warm, making the experience here exceptional.



Las Trojes

Location: Juan Sebastian Bach 51, La Loma Mexican
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 1:00pm-12:00am; Sunday closes at 6:00pm
Phone: 443 314 7344 Credit Cards Accepted

For nearly three decades now, Las Trojes has been a traditional restaurant for the local families and visitors. Its particular location, inside of a XIX century traditional troje, a wooden Purepechan house, is one of the special details of the restaurant that make it unique. It is specialized in grilled steak and other Mexican classics like quesadillas, tacos, corundas and a great tequila and mescals selection. It has a wonderful terrace and a private room for special events. The staff is always looking for satisfy all the clients


Lu Cocina

Location: Hotel Casino, Portal Hidalgo 229, Centro Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 7:00am-10:00pm
Phone: 443 313 1328 Credit Cards Accepted

The philosophy in Lu is to research on traditional recipes, local management products, current techniques and use of herbs an original orchard. Lucero Soto, heiress, is a supporter and protagonist of culinary phenomenon developed in Michoacan. Local fair trade producers and cooks and traditional recipes are fundamental to the design of the plates, which protect Michoacan identity. The vanguard is its distinctive characteristic and each detail is observed in the menu, not only for dishes, but also wine. The restaurant has challenging combinations amazingly expressed in the delicious desserts.



San Miguelito

Location: Camelinas and Paseo de la Republica, La Loma Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Satuday 2:00pm-11:00pm; Sunday 2:00pm-5:30pm
Phone: 333 647 7774 Credit Cards Accepted

Surrounded by real size angels, Madonnas, and other peculiar decoration items it’s main salon is made of wood, stone and bronze. This restaurant offers a Mexican Traditional cuisine with dishes as Aztec salad with fresh corn, grilled steaks with beans, tortillas and salsas and seafood. They emphasize in the iconic Mexican flavors, corn, chili, tomato and coriander. They are constantly looking for the best organic local
producers to obtain the very best ingredients. San Miguelito is a place where absolutely everything will make you feel as in a dream.


Cenaduria Lupita

Location: Paseo de la Republica 3100, Jardines del Rincon Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 8:30am-11:00pm
Phone: 443 314 2848 Credit Cards Accepted

The excellent taste and charisma of Do√Īa Carmen Castorena Vazquez ‚ÄúLa Chata‚ÄĚ, founder of this emblematic restaurant, since 1942, was part of a tradition preserved by generations, delighting the local audience as well as the visitors. This restaurant has the seasoning, quality, hygiene and good service that characterize it as the pioneer of traditional cuisine in Guadalajara. Taste the different dishes prepared with care and delicious traditional ingredients that set the tone of the best traditional food in the city.



Location: Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz 129, Centro Mexican Conteporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 2:00pm-12:30am; Sunday closes at 6:30pm
Phone: 443 312 6213 Credit Cards Accepted

Chango is a vintage eclectic restaurant that combines the classic Mexican art with art nouveau details. Its contemporary cuisine is based on a mix of traditional dishes with an international influence and the distinctive touch of the chef Daniel Aguilar Bernal. This style combines perfectly with the bar that offers a wide variety of delicious cocktails. They are an innovative and original restaurant that through quality, good taste, a cozy atmosphere and the best customer service, try to create an experience unequaled and



La Azotea de los Juaninos

Location: Morelos Sur 39, Centro Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 8:00am-11:00pm
Phone: 443 312 0036 Credit Cards Accepted

Hotel Juaninos’ La Azotea Restaurant is famed for its dazzling close-up views of the cathedral, amazing by day and magnificently illuminated at night. In a stylish setting of modern decor, the atmosphere is casual and service is welcoming and caring. La Azotea Restaurant specializes in contemporary Mexican gastronomy with a fusion of Michoacan’s own regional cuisine. The menu of the day presents culinary delights that evoke nostalgia because they are based on precious traditional recipes of the ancestors.
There is an extensive selection of Mexican and imported wines.


Los Mirasoles

Location: Madero Poniente 549, Centro Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 1:00pm-11:00pm
Phone: 443 317 5775 Credit Cards Accepted

Los Mirasoles Restaurant is located in the heart of Morelia, in a former mansion which earliest records date back to the XVII century. This house has an interesting history in the ‚Äúenjarres‚ÄĚ of the cupboard of its old kitchen, where a message of those who initiated the independence of Mexico was found. The building is part of the center of Morelia, a city recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1991. The culinary legacy, has been compiled in Los Mirasoles by its Chef Rubi Silva, with the same affection and pride with which the Michoacanas grandmothers, have cooked and transmitted their seasoning for centuries.


[Download PDF for Printing: Morelia Restaurant Recommendations]
Puebla Restaurants
Known as the City of Angels, Puebla, a World Heritage Site, lies 136 km (84 mi) from Mexico City. This city has some 5,000 colonial buildings, which are mostly baroque edifices built during the 16th century. At times, it seems as though the architectural designs of some of the convents, churches and squares came from heaven above. Not only is this city known for its splendid architecture, but it also offers excellent cuisine!

Puebla’s culinary tradition originates from the blending of two cultures; the Pre-Hispanic and Spanish, as well as French and Middle Eastern (Lebanese) influences. Heres a list of what you cannot miss during your gastronomic tour by Puebla.
Mole Poblano: Proudly originated in Puebla and a beloved national dish, with more than 30 ingredients. Poblanos enjoy this dish year round and make several varieties served over turkey or chicken.
Chiles En Nogada: Mexicos stuffed chili with walnut sauce par excellence and only served insummer months.
Antojitos Mexicanos (Mexican snacks): Chalupas (corn tortilla with chicken and
salsa), molotes (fried corn patty with cheese or beef stuffing, cream and salsa on top), cemitas (regional sandwich with avocado, cheese, beef or pork, with the traditional papalo leaf ), pipian verde (pumpkin seed green sauce poured over chicken), chanclas (fried corn patties stuffed with beans, salsa on top), guajolotes, tinga, cuitlacoche, gusanos de maguey (maguey worm), and escamoles (fried ant eggs, yes, fried ant eggs).
Traditional Sweets: A true pleasure for the palate, like tortitas de Santa Clara (Saint Claire cookies), camotes (flavored sweet potato), pepita candy (Caramel-covered Pumpkin Seed), jamoncillos (flavored pumpkin seed candy bars), crystallized fruits, gaznates, and macarrones.

If there is a word that defines Puebla, then it is baroque. Complex flavors that seduce our palates, elaborated shapes that capture our sight, an irresistible mix of legends and stories, winding streets, fountains, gardens, craft markets, artistic alleys and a view studded with the churches domes. So, it is not outrageous to think that Puebla is the place that angels call home./

Casa Reyna

Location: Privada 2 Ote 1007, Centro Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 8:00am-10:00pm; Sunday closes at 6:00pm
Phone: 222 232 2109 Credit Cards Accepted

Casa Reyna is an icon of gourmet Poblana kitchen. Here you can enjoy a little bit of everything: old Poblana recipes including special seasonal plates, dishes of more contemporary Mexican recipes,  homemade tastes and an excellent gourmet experience. Let the magic of Casa Reyna take you on a journey of tastes, smells, generous servings, great service, and the perfect relation between price and quality. Enjoy the kitchen, either during breakfast, mid-day or dinner. Casa Reyna has a large wine library in Puebla, taking special attention on Mexican wines.



Entre Tierras

Location: 4 Norte 410, Centro Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 8:00am-10:30pm
Phone: 222 232 5306 Credit Cards Accepted

At its artisanal kitchen, the essential flavors are turned into new forms that keep their roots in the ancestral Mexico; with the best of the land can provide. This is Entre Tierras, a place where the farmers can bring their produce, because they know it will be appreciated. The chefs are the trustees that in an act of passion transform into vibrant dishes that speak about the love for our Mexican Cuisine. The patrons attend, not only for the pleasure to enjoy the food, but because they know that behind each of the dishes are the producers and cooks that love and respect this place’s philosophy.




El Mural de los Poblanos

Location: 16 de Septiembre 506, Centro Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 8:00am-11:00pm
Phone: 222 242 0503 Credit Cards Accepted

El Mural de los Poblanos, a place to enjoy a pleasant and memorable dining experience. For the staff of this restaurant is a pride to be able to share the best of the Poblana cuisine. Their work begins by selecting
ingredients of superior quality. More than half of their inputs come from small producers in the State of Puebla. The recipes are traditional; many were given to them by families settled in this city for several
generations. The pictorial work that gives name to the restaurant was made by Antonio √Ālvarez Moran. It shows most of the characters that have shaped the history of Puebla.

Fonda de Santa Clara

Location: 3 Poniente 920, Centro Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 8:00am-10:00pm
Phone: 222 246 1919 Credit Cards Accepted

The restaurant Fonda de Santa Clara opened its doors for the first time on September 13, 1965. It was founded by Mrs. Alicia Torres de Araujo, cultured and entrepreneur woman who dedicated much of
her life to rescue the traditions, values and artistic and cultural works of Mexico and specially Puebla. This restaurant is a place to taste the delights of Poblana cuisine, from the rich chalupas, passing by the
molotes, gorditas, chanclas, tayoyos, etc. to the sophisticated specialized dishes, all this in the comfort, hygiene and environment that the visitor deserves.



La Casa del Mendrugo

Location: 4 Sur 304, Centro Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 8:00am-11:00pm; Sunday 9:00am-10:00pm
Phone: 222 232 5148 Credit Cards Accepted

A fine dining space with a gastronomic proposal that merges signature cuisine, traditional Spanish and Puebla’s traditional cuisine, bringing back the Creole character of the city and gastronomy with a curated
presentation. It has the best wine-pairing brought by the wide variety of red, white and rose wines from the cava, as well as the handcrafted Casa Del Mendrugo’s Ale beers, that satisfy even those with the most
demanding taste. Beyond a comfortable space, the Tapas bar offers typical Spanish aperitifs with a unique feel that only ‚ÄúLa Casa del Mendrugo‚ÄĚ could give.


La Noria

Location: 41 Poniente 2120, Centro Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00am-11:30pm; Saturday 1:30pm-11:30pm; Sunday 1:30pm-5:30pm
Phone: 333 640 3440 Credit Cards Accepted

La Noria is a restaurant located in an 16th century former Hacienda, San Miguel La Noria. In this restaurant you can enjoy sitting on the terrace while savoring classic dishes of Puebla’s cuisine, such as mole, pipian, chiles en nogada, and more. La Noria is offers a great environment, traditional and seasonal dishes and a charming magic.



Meson Sacristia

Location: 6 Sur 304, Centro Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 1:00pm-11:00pm; Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm
Phone: 222 232 4513 Credit Cards Accepted

Located in a modest colonial-style building, with robust wooden doors and traditional balconies, Meson Sacristia delights upon very entrance into the building with an internal patio that transports guests to the Mexico of the nineteenth century. This is a traditional restaurant that features traditional cuisine in an elegant location. With a delightful environment, in this place you can relax and enjoy the traditional Puebla’s cuisine and seasonal dishes like mole and chiles en nogada.



Location: Av. Juarez 1918, Zona Esmeralda Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 1:30pm-10:30pm; Sunday closes at 6:00pm
Phone: 222 232 4270 Credit Cards Accepted

Moyuelo is one of the newest and more contemporary culinary proposals in Puebla. It serves the traditional cemitas with a innovative twist. It offers the traditional flavors as milanesa and some other new options as portobello, perfect for vegetarians, and pork belly. They also serve delicious desserts as cr√®me br√Ľl√©e of banana with cardamom and susprising cocktails as the paloma with mescal.
Constantly special dinners and events take place in the restaurant including craft beers tastings or jazz recitals.


Pinche & Chef

Location: Zavaleta 313-A, Bell Horizonte Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 2:00pm-11:00pm; Sunday closes at 6:00pm
Phone: 222 574 7663 Credit Cards Accepted

Pinche & Chef is a restaurant with all the feelings, passions and experiences lived by Daniel, its chef. With a focus on design and love for gastronomy, he wants to show through the plates how the food is the most faithful representative of Puebla’s culture. Taking the drinks as one of the most important points of a good
cuisine accompanied by good experiences, in Pinche and Chef they have the ideal pairing for the dishes, from a special selection of Mexican wines, crafted beers and mescals. They seek to support domestic producers using local and fresh ingredients.



Location: 5 Sur 4908, Residencial Boulevares Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 8:00am-4:30pm
Phone: 222 211 0329 Credit Cards Accepted

An all day breakfast restaurant with its very particular Mexican style. At Tagers the philosophy is that the day to begins when you want and however you want, setting a breakfast to your liking to enjoy each of its delicious elements. Let yourself be carried away by an atmosphere of positivity and the delicious breakfast menu. Because the day begins when you receive the first smile, when you dare to fulfill your dreams, when you decide to go for everything. The day begins when you want.

[Download PDF for Printing: Puebla Restaurant Recommendations]