Over the Top Expeditions

Journey Mexico can make over the top expeditions happen. Seamlessly.

We specialize in accommodating all types of requests and fulfilling our travelers’ most luxurious wishes. Want a man’s man retreat discovering Baja via 4×4 trucks with imported Russian food? Done. Want to go on a trip fit for a middle-eastern prince? Done. Want to stay in the same villa as some of your favorite Hollywood stars? Done. We are proud to have the knowledge and connections to make the most memorable travel experiences.

In addition, National Geographic has selected three of our itineraries to be recognized as ‘Tours of a Lifetime’.  These tours are chosen by the Nat Geo team who spend hours researching the most authentic, most innovative, most immersive, best-guided, and most sustainable tours across the globe.


over-the-top-nat-geoNat Geo LogoNational Geographic Tours

2011: Semana Santa Copper Canyon Trek
2012: Chiapas: A Journey Through Mexico Less Visited
2013: Magical Mexican Migrations—Pacific Whales and Highland Butterflies