Casa Real de Minas


Type: Five and Four Star

No. of Rooms: 16

City/Area: Batopilas


The Real de Minas Hotel is located in the Magical Town of Batopilas in the Copper Canyon.

Located just off the main plaza in┬áBatopilas, Real de Minas is an inviting hotel built around a central courtyard that boasts a hand-carved masonry fountain. The hotel, which has expanded considerably in the last ten years, includes Casa Estefan├şa that sits across the street. The decor speaks of traditional Mexico with carved-wood furniture, tiled floors and kitsch decorations.

The bedrooms, in keeping with the theme of the hotel are decorated in a traditional Mexican style and boast bright colors and abundant light. The tiled floors and wood- beamed ceilings are complimented with colorful wall designs and bedspreads and the rooms open out onto the central courtyard.

Real de Minas has a small library that contains booklets about the history of Batopilas and the silver mine and you will also find a small selection of books in different languages that can be borrowed or exchanged by guests during their stay.


If you feel like relaxing, set yourself down in a rocking chair in the patio and listen to the bird songs.

  • Air condition
  • Courtyard and fountain
  • Library
  • Private baths available