Ser Casasandra


Type: Boutique

No. of Rooms: 20

City/Area: Holbox


Ser Casasandra is an intimate paradise located on the Mexican-Caribbean Island of Holbox.

Located on the tranquil island of Holbox, this gorgeous getaway, which was previously known as Casa Sandra, offers intimate, cozy, luxury with a sea view. Forget the time, let go of the to-do list and allow the friendly staff to take care of you as you relax and unwind.

The suites swap technology for indulgence; the TVs, radios, alarm clocks and telephones are replaced with cozy beds, showerheads made from seashells, organic bath products, kaftan robes and hammocks to sway in.

With Ser Casasandra’s restaurant voted as one of the best on the Island by the New York Times, you can relax knowing that your appetite will be more than satisfied. Food is combined with music and art to create a sensual experience, morning, day and night. Whether, relaxing by the pool with a snack or enjoying a romantic dinner, the chefs pride themselves in using the freshest and best ingredients.



Take room one if impressive ocean views are your thing.

  • Continental breakfast
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Live music