Zoetry Villa Rolandi


Type: Five and Four Star

No. of Rooms: 35

City/Area: Isla Mujeres


Located in the middle zone of Isla Mujeres, overlooking the impressive Mexican Caribbean Sea, Zoetry Villa Rolandi offers marvelous views.

This exclusive beachfront resort on Isla Mujeres, is a luxurious place to relax and unwind by the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

The 35 sumptuous suites are designed on a white and blue theme, mimicking the colors of the Caribbean sand and sea. The lounge leads onto a private terrace with a jacuzzi and ocean views so you can bubble in your hot tub as you look out over the horizon. All bathrooms are spa-like with a dual therapeutic shower and a steam bath.

If the bathrooms whet your appetite, the resort’s spa offers massages, facials and body treatments as well as North America’s first certified Thalassotherapy Spa, which works with the beneficial properties of salt water. You will be in the best hands, so all you need to do is relax, enjoy and unwind.

If you are more interested in satisfying your appetite for good food and wine, Villa Rolandi has two top-class restaurants each overlooking the sea. Take your pick from French-Mexican Fusion or Gourmet Swiss-Northern Italian.

For couples or friends who want to get away from it all without worrying about a thing, Villa Rolandi is the spot.



Zoetry Villa Rolandi lets you arrive in style with a private deluxe yacht transfer from Cancun.

  • Endless Privileges®
  • Adults only
  • Top shelf spirits
  • Gourmet dining
  • Spa
  • Snorkelling



As we prepare to welcome you back to our beautiful beachfront resorts, we’re committed to redefining your travel journey with our best-in-class CleanComplete Verification™ practices. While health and safety have always been our top priorities, these new protocols further elevate our standards of quality and cleanliness, enabling you to vacation at any AMResorts® property with the ultimate peace of mind.

Our 360-degree quality, safety and hygiene system takes into account every aspect of resort operations, backed by the highest-level third-party certification. We will be evolving and innovating our procedures continuously and will share the newest developments as they are implemented. Our protocols begin the moment you start planning a vacation to the time you return home!


From the first moment that guests begin planning their trip, AMResorts branded properties makes health and hygiene information clear and accessible through websites and social media channels. And even before walking into a resort lobby, guests are provided with an overview of all check-in health and sanitation procedures upon arrival at the resort’s gated entrance.

At the lobby entrance, all arrivals are offered alcohol-based hand sanitizer and, within the lobby area, cleaning with high-grade disinfectants occurs every hour.

Additionally, lobby-area Hygiene Check-In Stations are established to:

      • Check guest temperature with a thermal scanner or pistol thermometer, both for those checking in and those returning from off-site activity.
      • Review guest travel records for the past 14 days to avoid travel from hot spots.
      • Allow guests to complete a health declaration form, confirming virus-free wellbeing.
      • Guide guests who present symptoms upon arrival to an isolation area in which they may consult with the resort’s on-site physician.

All luggage carts are also disinfected prior to and between uses. At check-in, the receptionist cleans the desk area with a sanitizing formula between guests and prior to each check-in process and applies hand-sanitation gel.

Each guest will find a door hanger with the Cristal International Standards® RoomCheck badge on the door handle when arriving at their room, indicating that the room was cleaned following the Cristal International Standards® room cleaning process. Additionally, all rooms include a pocket size gel sanitizer as part of the amenities package.

An overview with details of all cleansing and sanitizing processes in guest rooms, front of house areas and back of house areas is provided in printouts, on in-room tablets and on the resort TV channel, which also include video of sanitizing protocols and hygiene tips.

To provide additional sanitation, the television remote control, in-room tablet, amenities kit, and extra blankets and pillows are all pre-sanitized and presented in vacuum-sealed packaging.


Increased sanitation activity is in place for all areas with high human contact throughout operating hours, including public areas that receive hourly thorough cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day. Restrooms are sanitized and disinfected before and after operating hours and stocked with hand sanitizing gel. Frequent cleaning with disinfectants takes place in high touch areas like staircases and elevators.

Sanitizing gel is available throughout the resort in all common areas, including outside elevators, and staff circulate throughout these areas offering sanitizing gel to guests.

Beach and pool loungers are placed with proper distance between them, and waiters, pool and beach butlers offer sanitizing gel to guests prior to handling beverages. Sanitation of sports equipment occurs between use and prior to use by any guest. This includes items like ping-pong equipment and tables, basketballs, volleyballs, tennis rackets, and non-motorized water sports equipment.

Disinfectants are used to sanitize the area during regularly scheduled cleaning times throughout the day. Additional sanitizing and cleaning schedules are in place to provide deep cleaning for machines. Fitness trainers wear masks and sanitize all equipment immediately after use. To support immune health, fitness center guests are offered the choice of alkaline water, which helps improve the immune system.

Activities that involve physical contact between entertainers and guests, such as dance classes, will be replaced with alternative activities that allow for social distancing, and show seating will allow for social distancing.

Within spa facilities, sanitizing gel is provided to each guest as they approach reception. All high contact areas are sanitized on a regular basis throughout the day, and lockers are sanitized between uses. Essential bactericidal and fungicidal oils are used to atomize all areas and also in aromatherapy treatments. Spa areas involving water, like whirlpool tubs and pools, hydrotherapy pools, will be sanitized by maintaining the water chemistry for pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness and to destroy microorganisms and bacteria. In hydrotherapy areas, spa staff wear special footwear that is used only in the hydrotherapy area.

Spa amenities, such as robes, sandals, combs, as well as nail salon utensils are disinfected and presented in sealed packaging to guests. Disinfecting tablets are used to sanitize pedicure stations, all spa therapists wear facemasks to ensure proper hygiene and safety to guests, and non-latex gloves are used to provide nail services, massages, facials and other spa treatments.


All Explorer’s Club and Core Zone facilities are cleaned and disinfected prior to opening, after closing, and regularly during operating hours. Temperature checks will be required for all kids and teens before entering to Explorer’s Club or Core Zone. The cellphones provided to parents with children at the Explorer’s Club are thoroughly sanitized and offered in a vacuum-sealed packaging for optimal hygiene.


All bars and restaurants feature seating allowing for social distancing with tables and chairs sanitized daily and throughout the service period. Proper handwashing techniques are reviewed with food service staff at the start of every shift and increased signage is in place to reinforce those reviews.

Guests with groups larger than five people are asked to make reservations with the concierge in advance so that restaurant tables can be adjusted to allow for social distancing and movement by wait staff. Resort apps alert guests when their table is ready, allowing for freedom of movement around the resort while waiting.

Hand sanitizer is available at restaurant entrances, on bar tops and throughout the establishments. Bar snacks are presented in individual portions. Menu options are presented on boards or tablet QR codes and the use of physical menus is limited to those who request them. Tablecloths are changed after every use. After use, cutlery is cleaned, disinfected, and placed in a cover preventing contact with outside surfaces. Breadbaskets are no longer used with food being presented in individual portions. Chefs and servers are required to wear masks when preparing or serving food like teppanyaki or sushi in guest areas.

For buffet service, dishes are offered to guests by servers with masks, food tongs are changed every 20 minutes, and sneeze barriers are in place. Additionally, for those guests who prefer, a la carte menu options are available in all buffet restaurants.

Room service uses covered food dishes to ensure hygiene from the kitchen to the guest room, and all room service waiters wear gloves and masks for delivery. Room service waiters allow guests to set up their own dining area, unless requested otherwise.


Prior to departure, guests will receive express-check out service to reduce face-to-face service time.


New staff positions have been created to oversee all health and sanitation measures. Regular wellness training is provided for all personnel to ensure they take the correct steps for their own health as well as the health of guests. Employees who exhibit symptoms of illness are required to notify their manager and will be sent home and advised to self-quarantine until they are cleared to return to work. Those who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action.

Other measures include:

  • Office area workstations are sanitized every two hours.
  • Engineering teams conduct regular tests of pools and water systems, including constant readings of chlorine levels, PH levels and water temperature.
  • A specific area has been designated for suppliers, who must wash hands and clean shoes using automatic brushes or special sanitizing carpets.
  • Specific staff members receive, sanitize and arrange merchandise in a dedicated area.
  • Laundry protocols have been established to control temperature and laundry cycling as well as to address the cleaning of contaminated items.