Foodie Tour through Mexico City & Oaxaca


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Days: 7


Go on a culinary odyssey through two of Mexico’s most celebrated foodie hotspots, Mexico City and Oaxaca.

On this trip specifically designed for food and drink lovers, you’ll dive into Mexico’s famed street food scene, sampling the very best food stalls and getting to the bottom of taco culture.

You’ll also have the chance to explore the rich world of mezcals, going deep into this complicated spirit through tastings and trips to traditional mezcal producers.

Furthermore, you’ll take guided tours of bustling food markets, discover the floating gardens known as chinampas, and even take a cooking lesson with a seasoned chef. If you consider yourself a foodie, or just have a love for the finer things in life, this trip is made for you.



Mexico City – Experience one of the world’s great culinary cities like a local, taking a night-time taco tour around some of the capital’s most celebrated areas

La Roma – Explore the vibrant foodie scene in Mexico City’s famous Roma neighborhood, taking a guided walking tour of local eateries

Oaxaca – Sample the gastronomic delights of Oaxaca, visiting traditional mezcal producers and  tasting tlayudas, a delicious local delicacy

Monte Alban – Discover one of the oldest cities in Mesoamerica with a bilingual guide, visiting nearby towns known for their artisanal products

Day 1: Arrival day to Mexico City / Private Tacos, Beer & Mezcal Tour

You will be greeted at the airport and privately transferred to your hotel for check-in and the rest of the evening at leisure until your night taco tour.

Enjoy the gastronomic delights of Mexico, sampling three of its most famous exports: tacos, mezcal, and beer. Visit four traditional taco stands (known locally as taquerías) on a night-time tour of some of Mexico City’s most famous neighborhoods: San Rafael, Anzures, Roma, and Condesa. Try different taco styles — from the world-famous al pastor to regional delicacies — and wash them down with a refreshing beer or two.

Then, accompanied by a mezcal master (a mezcalillero), savor the smoky, sweet, and herbal flavors of mezcales. Learn about the cultural and gastronomic heritage of this delicious pre-Hispanic spirit, while visiting La Botica, Mexico City’s first mezcal bar.

Overnight: Las Alcobas

Day 2: Private Roma Foodie Walking Tour

Become a Mexican food expert by exploring the vibrant foodie scene of Mexico City’s famous Roma neighborhood. You will dive into ‘mom and pop’ food shops, explore ethnic eateries, and sample the charms of the neighborhood restaurants, all while tasting their very finest products.

Along the way, your local guide will explain how Colonia Roma has earned its reputation as a culinary and artistic haven, pointing out the architectural gems, beautiful gardens, and historic mansions that define this quirky and esoteric neighborhood.

Overnight: Las Alcobas

Day 3: Private Mexican Art, Cheese & Wine Pairing Experience in Coyoacan

Enjoy an artistic, foodie day out in Coyoacán. Walk in Frida Kahlo´s footsteps, get to know the peaceful pueblo, and taste artisanal Mexican cheeses with a pairing of wines.

Step into the creative world of Frida Kahlo at Casa Azul, the artist´s beloved lifelong home, for a fascinating insight into how the artist worked and lived. Preserved as it would have been in Frida´s mid-20th century Mexico, you´ll be immersed in her world as you study the painter´s personal objects and original artwork on show. In recent years, a collection of Frida´s clothes and bathroom items were uncovered, giving you an intimate insight into how the artist dealt with the physical limitations caused by a traumatic accident in her youth. If available, you can make a second visit to either the House Studio Museum of Diego Rivera and Frida or Anahuacalli, Rivera´s stone temple house that hosts his vast collection of pre-Hispanic pieces.

Soak up the charm of Coyoacán with your private guide, an area that feels more like a peaceful village than the suburb of a sprawling metropolis! Wander through cobblestone streets, leafy green plazas and local markets offering handmade crafts and fresh produce. Round out the day with a unique tasting of artisanal Mexican cheese paired with a selection of three Mexican wines. Taste goat´s cheese and camembert made by local families, accompanied by fruit, bread, and sweet jams.

Upon conclusion, you´ll be driven back to your hotel.

Overnight: Las Alcobas

Day 4: Private transfer to Oaxaca / Oaxaca City Private Cooking Class and Market Visit

Today after breakfast and hotel check out, you will be driven to the city of Oaxaca.

On arrival, settle into your charming hotel and refresh yourself before meeting with your private guide for an evening tasting the delicacies of Oaxaca.

On this tasty half-day private experience, you´ll visit a typical market in Oaxaca City before creating your own meal at a local cooking school and restaurant.

Upon arrival you´ll meet your private cooking guide, Oscar Carrizosa. Oaxaca is a culturally rich state in Mexico that’s home to 16 ethnic groups, each with their individual language, traditions, and cuisine. Oscar has visited many local villages to study directly with these communities, developing his knowledge and practice of traditional Oaxacan cuisines.

After selecting the menu, you´ll be creating today, you´ll head out to learn about typical Mexican ingredients, walking the 10 minutes to a local market. Meandering through the space, take in the sights and smells as your cooking guide talks about the fundamentals of Mexican cooking, like colorful and flavorsome dried chilies. After visually exploring, it´s time to step into the kitchen and get hands on.

Your ingredients will be ready and waiting when you get back, measured and prepared for your selected menu. With the guidance of your chef, you´ll spend the next couple of hours chopping, grinding, and frying to create 3 salsas, 3 types of tortillas, an appetizer, soup, Oaxacan mole, and a dessert.

Once completed, take a seat, and enjoy your delicious feast, accompanied with wine, beer, or a shot of Oaxacan mezcal. ​​​​​​​

Overnight: Pug Seal Zapoteco

Day 5: Mezcal Private Full Day Tour with Mitla / Evening Oaxaca Delicacies tour

Today, you will journey through the valley of Oaxaca to three villages, which make premium mezcal at authentic distilleries.

This full-day experience will take you on an exploration of the art of mezcal production and a journey into Mesoamerica at the ceremonial site of Mitla.

Starting in Mitla, you will explore its tombs and intricate mosaic work. Your journey then leads far away from the regular tourist mezcal hotspots, where you will meet real, quality producers of the traditional liquor who will teach you about the different distillation techniques used to make, what locals refer to as the elixir of the gods.

Upon completion, you will be driven to your hotel for some time to rest at leisure before your evening delicacy tour. Discover hidden gems in the city, enjoy outstanding mezcals, and sample one of the region’s culinary delicacies, tlayudas, which are often likened to pizzas.

The tour begins at a great local “hole in the wall” mezcaleria, where your guide will talk you through the mezcals. Sample and taste anywhere between four to eight varieties of this complicated and rich Mexican spirit.

Then, head to a popular, clean, and delicious night-time eatery to enjoy a great grilled Oaxacan tlayuda with your choice of toppings, a cold drink, and (on Fridays and Saturdays) live music.

Overnight: Pug Seal Zapoteco

Day 6: Private Monte Alban and Teotitlán with Zapotec Family Lunch

Monte Albán was the capital city of the Zapotec nation, and one of the first and most populated Meso-American cities during its peak. Located in the centre of the Oaxacan Valley, Monte Albán exercised political, economical and ideological control over other communities in the valley and surrounding mountains. After our time in Monte Alban we will drive to Teotitlan de Valle and visit a local family who specialize in spinning and weaving the famous Oaxacan rugs, highly prized by collectors for their use of natural, organic dyes. Here we will get a chance to spin wool and see silkworm production used for wonderful handmade scarves. All dyes are natural, made from various fruits and vegetables, and even an insect called the cochineal. You will be witness to an amazing process that dates back hundreds of years. It takes about six months for one person to make a rug.

Oaxaca is famous worldwide for its rich regional cuisine. Both Gourmet Magazine and The New York Times have praised Oaxacan Cuisine as the most authentic food in Mexico. The UNESCO recently added a new category and Mexican Cuisine is now included as World Heritage for their uniqueness and today you will enjoy a regional lunch, as special guest in a Zapotec Family home to share with local people and enjoy time learning more about their culture.

Late afternoon arrival back at Hotel for rest of evening at leisure.

Overnight: Pug Seal Zapoteco

Day 7: Departure Day

After breakfast and hotel check out, meet your private driver for a transfer from your hotel to the Oaxaca International Airport for your departure flight home.


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