Los Cabos Gastronomy & Restaurant Guides

Los Cabos is a Garden of Eden located to the south of the Baja California Peninsula. Besides vast beaches, huge rock formations and comfortable hotels to spend a luxury vacation, this destination features a delicious cuisine based on seafood. Fresh delicacies are served every day on Los Cabos’ tables, coming from the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean: fish, shellfish, and animals you probably never imagined could be eaten.

The chocolate clams are typical of the Baja California coasts. They measure about 2 ¾ inches and there is plenty of meat inside their shells. They are prepared roasted in their shells or tatemadas –cooked upside down on a bed of stones with dried romerillo or chamizo –and are served with flour tortillas and sauces. Among the most typical dishes are fish tacos, which you
will be able to find almost anywhere. There also are shrimp and octopus tacos; these are served with zucchini, guacamole and cream. If you prefer, you can order a golden brown roasted crab or a smoked marlin tostada.

And how about crushed stingray? There probably is no other place where you will be able to taste this delicacy. It has diced tomatoes and green chile, onion and cilantro, dried stingray meat and bay leaf. Everything is fried and then simmered. It is served on a flour tortilla, as if it were a burrito.

Accompany your dishes with a glass of Baja California wine, a clamato –a mixture of tomatoes, onions, celery, spices and a touch of clam –, pitahaya juice or Damiana liqueur, a powerful drink good for the digestion and for relaxing./ visitmexico.com


Los Cabos Restaurants


Location: Playa el Medano, Cabo San Lucas Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 5:00pm-10:00pm
Phone: 624 143 0801 Credit Cards Accepted

Edith’s is a vivid combination of the Cuisine of Baja California with Guerreran flair, featuring a regional fusion of steaks and seafood with local ingredients. A loving, privileged view of Medano Beach and the world famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas, candle lights and palapas set the atmosphere for an unforgettable culinary experience. Prime cuts of utmost quality imported beef and freshly-caught local fish and lobster, chicken breast, Caesar salad, Chile Poblano and hand-made tortillas are just a few expressions of the culinary celebration of life in Baja.


El Farallon

Location: Camino del Mar 1, Pedregal Mexican Seafood
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 5:30pm-10:30pm
Phone: 624 163 4300 Credit Cards Accepted

Tucked into the cliffs of The Resort at Pedregal and stocked daily with bounty from local fishermen, El Farallon is one of the most sought after dinner location in Los Cabos. Meaning “a rock that comes out of the ocean”, El Farallon has become a hallmark of exquisite dining at our luxury resort. Situated overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Executive Chef, Gustavo Pinet sets only the best selection of local catch on mounds of shaved ice. The fish experts will guide your selection with an old-fashioned scale that weighs
each choice.



Flora’s Field Kitchen

Location: Transpeninsular San Jose KM 30, Animas Bajas International Organix
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 9:00am-10:00pm; Sunday 10:00am-2:30pm
Phone: 624 355 4654 Credit Cards Accepted

Floras Field kitchen is about handmade food using farm fresh ingredients. Their goal is to create a healthy family meal with a sense of place. Chefs, cooks, stewards, the butcher and farm hands begin arriving after first light. Throughout the morning produce comes in to be washed and prepped while the line gets fired up to prepare the first meals- through dinner there is harvesting going hand in hand with cooking. All meats served at Floras Field Kitchen come from the nearby 150-acre ranch where animals are humanely raised on diets that do not include hormones or antibiotics.



Bar Esquina

Location: Del Pescador, El Medano Beach Mexican Mediterranean
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 8:00pm-11:00pm
Phone: 624 143 1890 Credit Cards Accepted

The Bahia Hotel’s signature restaurant, Bar Esquina, is a favorite Los Cabos gathering spot for locals and tourists. It’s known for its vibrant atmosphere, delicious menu, live music, and excellent location. The menu blends Mediterranean cuisine with Mexican influences, and chef Rogelio and his team work with fresh, high-quality ingredients in order to let their flavors shine. Bar Esquina is proud to use organic ingredients from local farms, USDA´s Choice and Prime meats, as well as fresh seafood from the Pacific and Sea of Cortez. The menu is constantly evolving based on the season.



Don Sanchez

Location: Mijares Blvd 3, Eclipse Building Mexican Baja
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 4:00pm-11:30pm
Phone: 624 142 2444 Credit Cards Accepted

Don Sanchez is one of the most spectacular restaurants in Los Cabos. Hidden behind a 270 label wine cellar, its hacienda style courtyard is exquisitely designed, featuring fountains, lush gardens, hand painted
tables and stunning fire features. Offering Live Music nightly, Contemporary Baja Cuisine, aged steaks, fresh seafood and creative cocktails, Don Sanchez will please all of your senses. For those in search of
a more cozy setting, ask for the Tapas Terrace seating featuring small bites, local and imported meats, cheeses and wines, hosted by expert Sommelier.



Sunset Da Mona Lisa

Location: Transpeninsular KM 6.5, Cabo Bello Plaza del Rey Italian
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 6:00pm-10:00pm
Phone: 624 145 8160 Credit Cards Accepted

Carved into a cliff overlooking the Bay of Cabo San Lucas with the best view of the famous Arch at Land’s End, Sunset da Mona Lisa consistently presents a new experience to those seeking excellence in food and
service. This restaurant has long been an icon in Los Cabos and has been classified as one of the “Top 5 Coolest Restaurants in the World” by the New York Times. An Italian Michelin star trained chef Paolo Della Corte serves the finest quality gourmet Italian food. Every entrée is created from fresh ingredients that are brought in daily to ensure you get the richest flavors and most tantalizing aromas while you’re dining.




Location: Hidalgo between Obregon & 12th, Matamoros International
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 3:00pm-1:00am
Phone: 624 191 1889 Credit Cards Accepted

Templo is the casual yet elegant spot offers an innovative dining that incorporates South American–style grilling, Asian wok preparations, and a seafood-rich Natural Bar that features sashimi, tiradito, ceviche and more. Chef-partner Mariano Takinami brings a wealth of international experience to the kitchen. His passion for food and clever combination of cooking styles allows for a broad menu with options for everyone. And guests can enjoy the richer flavors of meals that are prepared with fresh, locally sourced
organic ingredients.



Location: The Cape Thompson Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Mandatory Hours: Daily 6:30pm-11:00pm
Phone: 624 163 0000 Credit Cards Accepted

The thrilling views at The Cape’s sophisticated signature restaurant may meet their match in chef Enrique Olvera’s dynamic exhibition-style kitchen. At Manta, Olvera celebrates Pacific Rim traditions, taking inspiration from his native Mexico, as well as Peru, Japan and beyond, while maintaining a distinct and tastefully casual Baja sensibility with a commitment to local sourcing. Manta is situated in a unique location. The restaurant’s big windows face the ocean and allow diners to enjoy the view of the famous surf break, Monuments.

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