Mexico City Gastronomy, Restaurant, & Shopping Guides

Mexico City¬īs cuisine is as vast as it is rich in flavors and there are few places in the world that offer such contrasting and diverse dining options making it an amazingly attractive culinary destination! Here, on every corner, one can find a variety of specialties that vary from fresh citrus-infused seafood from the coasts, to juicy and abundant steaks from the north, to exotic spiced meats, poultry and vegetables from the south. Dining experiences can range from casually sampling this country¬īs famed ‚Äútacos‚ÄĚ that are filled with assorted ingredients from flowers to seasoned meats, to experiencing haute cuisine at one of the top restaurants in the world where pre-hispanic and age-old Mexican recipes are creatively reinterpreted.

The large gastronomic variety offered in this grand city will pose a dilemma if you only visit for a few days! /

Mexico City Restaurants


Location: Francisco Petrarca 254, Polanco Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Mandatory Hours: Monday through Saturday 1:30pm-3:00pm & 6:30pm-10:30pm
Phone: 55 5545 4111 Credit Cards Accepted

Pujol, a multiple award winning restaurant, creates Mexican dishes with a personal style, using local ingredients, and both ancient and modern culinary techniques. The restaurant seeks to continuously improve, thus the menu is constantly changing, with close attention to balancing traditional and contemporary flavor perfectly. The goal of Pujol is an unforgettable taste that strikes a chord of memory and celebrates Mexican gastronomy and it‚Äôs extraordinary variety in ingredients. Pujol believes the best way to preserve the nation‚Äôs rich gastronomic legacy is to look at it through the lens of the present and discover every new meaning‚ÄĒand possibility‚ÄĒthat lies within.




Location: Colima 166, Roma Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 1:30om-11:00pm
Phone: 55 5533 7804 Credit Cards Accepted

Opened in 2010, Rosetta restaurant is a unique gastronomic proposal by Mexico City Chef Elena Reygadas. In a grand Colonia Roma townhouse, Reygadas offers diners authentic food that eschews excess and flash, moves away from the commonplace and proposes something a wee bit daring, yet utterly unaffected. Strict seasonality means an ever-changing menu, even as
certain favorites persist, adjusted according to market-available options that arrive with each phase of the year. Artisanal¬†technique is the rule at Rosetta, as a means of creating one-of-a-kind personality and guaranteeing the highest possible quality.¬†The ingredients that make up every dish combine with knowledge of the role they play on the plate. Every element is expressed¬†and will add its qualities to the rest. This is cooking where subtle notes sound beside more daring‚ÄĒeven atypical‚ÄĒflavors.




Location: Newton 55, Polanco Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Mandatory Hours: Monday through Saturday 1:00pm-5:00pm & 7:00pm-11:pm
Phone: 55 5280 2680 Credit Cards Accepted

At Quintonil, in Mexico City’s high-end Polanco district, a gastronomic proposal that clearly expresses the flavors and forms of modern Mexican cooking emerges from a partnership between young Mexican chef Jorge Vallejo, widely celebrated for his work and solid career path, and veteran restaurateur Alejandra Flores, who personally attends to dining room patrons. Their platform is a restaurant that perfectly combines the cooking and service dynamic. In addition to a highly contemporary take on Mexican cuisine, Quintonil strives to use ingredients derived from the nation’s small-scale producers to create dishes that take every day, home-style flavors to an even higher level, all in a warm, unhurried and welcoming atmosphere. It reminds us that simplicity and hospitality do not have to be at odds in haute cuisine. Prices start at $500 MXN per person.




Location: Durango 200, Roma Seafood
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Sunday through Thursday 12:30pm-6:30pm; Friday and Saturday 12:30pm-8:oopm
Phone: 55 5514 9217 Credit Cards Accepted

It looks like the kind of beachy seafood eatery you’d find in Buzios or Bahia, a thatch-paneled dining room of pastel green wood chairs and crisp white table cloths that illuminates one of the city’s sexiest crowds in near perfect movie star lighting. A legendary seafood lunch menu bares in mind the strict dietary habits of this fashion-minded crowd, with an endless menu of
standout dishes like shrimp or ahi tuna tostadas with spicy chipotle mayonnaise. Main course hovers mostly around grilled fish dishes like a legendary octopus with single wedge of lemon as topping, sautéed soft-shell crabs and pescado a la talla Contramar .



Dulce Patria

Location: Anatol France 100, Polanco Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 1:30pm-11:30pm; Sunday 1:30pm-5:30pm
Phone:55 3300 3999 Credit Cards Accepted

Dulce Patria proudly possesses the heritage of Mexican urban traditions. Its gastronomic persona is festive and colorful. In this culinary experience, the festive character of Dulce Patria invites you to savor wonderful ceviches, tostadas, colorful stews, Mexican soft drinks, fruit drinks crowned with flowers, decorative gelatins, and spiced breads; all served in this special presentation of porcelain and blue pewter (peltre). Its wine-list reflects the height of Mexican oenology. Dulce Patria offers a vivid experience through the flavors that Mexico knows and loves.



Hacienda Los Morales

Location: Vazquez de Mella 525, Del Bosque Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 1:00pm-12:00pm
Phone: 55 5283 3054 Credit Cards Accepted

A 16th-century oasis amid one of the world’s most populous city, Hacienda de los Morales is an enchanted place for special¬†occasions. The Spanish colonial decor includes dark-wood furnishings, stone columns, and domed brick ceilings, with tables looking out to garden fountains. The entrance patio doubles as an elegant bar, where you will find precious artwork and the original chapel where Spanish aristocrats once prayed. Expertly prepared food includes the best of Mexican dishes, with an excellent selection of meat, fish, and seafood, as well as pastas, crepes, and other selections. Prices approximate¬†between $800-900+ MXN per person.




Location: Ignacio Allende 3, Centro Mexican Contemporary
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 1:30pm-10:00pm; Sunday 1:30pm-6:00pm
Phone: 55 5521 5576 Credit Cards Accepted

Led by Juan Pablo Ballesteros, Los Limosneros is the ‚Äúrebellious little brother‚ÄĚ to the famous and iconic Cafe de Tacuba. The¬†restaurant is 100% Mexican and uses only ingredients from Mexican soil. The cuisine served is contemporary and fuses many¬†regional and pre-hispanic recipes with modern cooking techniques. The owner has personally selected an array of mezcals and¬†wines to be paired with dishes. One of the fun highlights of this eatery is that their salsas can be custom-made right at the table¬†from scratch, you can pick the types of chiles and amount of spiciness! Insider Tip: When in season, be sure to order the Chile¬†en Nogada. It‚Äôs an incredibly innovative twist on one of Mexico‚Äôs most traditional plate, turning the ‚Äėchile‚Äô into a gel√©e and the¬†‚Äėnogada‚Äô into a creamy mousse. Prices start at $400 MXN per person.



El Sud 777

Location: Blvd. de la Luz 777, Jardines del Pedregal Contemporary Mexican
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 8:00am-12:00am; Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm
Phone: 55 5568 4777 Credit Cards Accepted

El Sud is the place for those who enjoy good food, having a good time and being surrounded by a soothing landscape. Starting with the ad hoc architecture, nice music and excellent service, accompanied by a varied of dishes to please different palates menu. They have a bar, restaurant and terrace, to satisfy all types of customers. The cuisine is contemporary Mexican, with dishes that include national and international ranging of steaks, pasta and seafood. They are all prepared with the finest ingredients and have an impeccable presentation.




Location: Cuitláhuac 3102, Claveria Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30am-7:30pm; Saturday 8:00am-7:00pm
Phone: 55 5396 7090 Credit Cards Accepted
Nicos opened its doors in 1957 and features cuisine inspired by traditional Mexican dishes. The owners are members of the Slow Food movement in Mexico and are in contact with small producers, guaranteeing the freshness, nutritional value, and hygiene of the ingredients that they purchase. For example, they source Mexican meat without conservatives and chemical pollutants. Their menu changes with the seasons and from time-to-time offers family recipes that have been handed down over
generations. Their tortillas are handmade in- house as are their breads and desserts.


El Cardenal

Location: Palma 23, Centro Historico Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Daily 8:00am-6:30pm
Phone: 55 5521 8815 Credit Cards Accepted
El Cardenal was founded in 1969. Its kitchen seeks to evoke the Mexican province; the dishes are representations of traditional cuisine from around the country that are served with distinction and dignity. The chocolate, freshly baked bread and the thick cream from raw milk, form a unique combination to start the day. They offer several dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients, which are difficult to acquire for many. You can find here a variety of dishes, from succulent maguey flowers to the bright and traditional chiles en nogada. And if you are looking for to insects as maguey worms, chinicuiles and escamoles, they have succeeded in extending their availability thanks to storage techniques such as freezing, taking the necessary steps to care for
their flavors and properties.

Azul Historico

Location: Isabel La Católica 30, Centro Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 9:00am-11:30pm; Sunday 9:00am-6:00pm
Phone: 55 5510 1316 Credit Cards Accepted
Almost 14 years after the opening, today they have many dishes that are now famous, which in the past were totally unknown to most of the country. Among others are the fish tikin xic, spatter deer, black and white pipián mole. Their goal is to bring the great Mexican cuisine to a wider public. Every month, they present a different festival in which the subject is a particular ingredient. This restaurant, created by the famous Mexican Chef, Enrique Olvera, also has two other locations in some of the most iconic districts in the city: Condesa and University Cultural Center.


Location: Campos Eliseos 218, Polanco Type Mexican Traditional
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 1:00pm-1:00am; Sunday 1:00pm-10:00pm
Phone: 55 5327 7700 Credit Cards Accepted
Chapulín, a place inspired by Mexican history. Its architecture merge black mud of Oaxaca with golden details of the colonial period. They mix elements of popular culture such as contemporary furniture lines to what’s on trend, an inspiration that came up with the idea of the famous architect Barragan. They also have a wide variety of Mexico’s classical drinks Mescal and crafted beer. They gave their cuisine a pre- Hispanic concept with a contemporary interpretation. It is a place where the diversity and cultural richness are honored providing a home touch. A timeless place that as Mexico always will bring out the best moments and places.


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Mexico City Nightlife
Mexico City‚Äôs nightlife scene is¬†impressive with a diverse and large selection of bars, pubs¬†and clubs spread throughout the city. Many bars in the city offer a combination of Spanish and¬†English pop, rock, house, hip-hop or R&B as well as some Latin/Caribbean music. ¬†Most clubs aka¬†‚Äúantros‚Ä̬†close late around¬†3-4 a.m. and some are open until sunrise.
Aside from the famed tequila, there are other¬†local spirits to try, such as¬†like¬†mezcal, or¬†local craft beers and regional wines. You can also try to find a¬†traditional¬†pulquer√≠a¬†for authentic¬†pulque¬†(fermentated maguey sap) – you‚Äôll either love¬†it¬†or hate it, but you shouldn‚Äôt miss it!¬†If you don‚Äôt drink alcohol, try a refreshing¬†‚Äúagua fresca‚ÄĚwhich is fresh fruit/flower infused water¬†typically¬†made with¬†hibiscus, tamarind, rice,¬†or lime with ch√≠a.
Alternatively, you can seek out to experience some of the lesser known traditional beverages: atole, tepache, pozol, tejuino and tascalate.  If you have a good appetite, a cantina would be the perfect place! Cantinas are bars that serve free, hearty snacks as long as the drinks are flowing: the more you drink, the more options you’ll have to continue eating. Most cantinas in Mexico City have quite long, colorful histories behind them.
Partying in Mexico City shouldn’t be restricted  to clubs and bars. A night out could easily lead you a live orchestra playing cumbia and salsa, or you could find yourself in a trajinera in Xochimilco, or in the center or Garibaldi singing along to live mariachi!


Location: Alvaro Obregón 106, Roma Norte Cocktail Bar
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Monday through Saturday 6:00pm-2:00am, Sunday 6:00pm-11:00pm
Phone: 55 5264 4122 Credit Cards Accepted

Opened in 2011 in one of the city¬īs¬†most important cultural and gastronomical areas, Limantour is located in Colonia Roma, which has great nightlife and restaurants. The main objective of this place is to offer an expansive variety of craft cocktails in a relaxed environment, showcasing the local spirit which is full of kindness and hospitality from visitors from all over the world. In Limantour creating a cocktail requires passion and knowledge. They have selected the best ingredients that make each scent and flavor stand out. The decor, music selection and service make visiting Limantour a unique experience.



Location: Tonala 23, Roma Cocktail Bar
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 7:00pm-2:00am
Phone: 55 9627 6609 Credit Cards Accepted
An intimate place with a terrace on a quiet street in the fashionable neighborhood of Colonia Roma, Maison Artemisia is the perfect spot to meet with friends and enjoy delicious cuisine. The Chef Atzin Santos features French gourmet food, focusing on quality and respect for ingredients. Upstairs the restaurant houses one of the best cocktail bars in Mexico (that also offers exclusive French Absinthes). This secret spot is an ideal place to enjoy a festive night after a great diner.


Jules Basement

Location: Julio Verne 93, Polanco Cocktail Bar
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 8:00pm-2:00am
Phone: 55 5280 1278 Credit Cards Accepted

An arbitrary refrigerator door is the only signage you’ll get for this invitation-only speakeasy, hidden in a Mexico City basement. Inside you’ll find a macabre mix of black and white leather, woodwork and decorative skulls. ‘The ceiling is covered with thousands of pyramids that resemble the trunk of a sacred Mayan Ceiba tree,explains French designer Emmanuel Picault of Chic by Accident, who outfitted the space.Cocktails are expertly shaken by Seattle-based mixologist Jay Kuehner; whose cocktaillist includes a rum and champagne-infused Herba Antigua. /Walppaper



Location: Nuevo Leon 163, Condesa Night Club
Reservations: Highly Recommended Hours: Thursday through Saturday 10:00pm-3:00am
Phone: 55 5212 1018 Credit Cards Accepted

We suggest that your night at Leonor begin with one of their house special¬īs, a drink called ‚ÄúLeonoraica‚ÄĚ (a mixture of mezcal and hibiscus). Then get taken away with a lively musical selection that includes disco, electric, funk, hip hop and rock. The dance floor fills quickly once midnight rolls around. Breaks and conversations can be had on the outdoor terrace.Although electric with energy, the atmosphere at this bar is warm and friendly with vintage decorto includeperiod wallpapers and aniconic chandelier.



Location: Tamaulipas 45, Condesa Whisky Bar
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Wednesday through Sunday 1:30pm-2:30am
Phone: 55 5256 3531 Credit Cards Accepted

A unique place in Mexico specializing in whisky. They have more than 200 brands accompanied by an impressive sound system.



Location: Orizaba 125E, Roma Gastro Pub
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 6:00pm-2:00pm
Phone: Credit Card Accepted

Lilit¬īs objective is to offer the best cocktails in Mexico City. It is a space for adults who know how to party. A sense of joie de vivre is felt throughout as the management shares their passion and enthusiasm for cocktails, gastronomy and aesthetic experiences.


Mama Rumba

Location: Calle Queretaro 230, Roma Salsa Night Club
Reservations: Recommended Hours: Thursday through Saturday 9:00pm-3:00am
Phone: 55 5564 6920 Credit Cards Accepted

Dance until your heart is content at this Roma neighborhood favorite that’s known for giving clientele an exceptionally fun time. The crowd isenergetic and the music is inspiring. Even if you’re not a dance hound, you’ll be shaking to salsa and cumbia music before you know it. Live bands keep things hopping into the wee hours. For cooling off after a run on the dance floor, order a mojito or margarita.


[Download PDF for Printing: Mexico City Nightlife Recommendations]
Mexico City Shopping & Boutiques

Modo Museo del Objecto

Location: Colima 145, Roma
Phone: Hours: Wednesday through Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm

Museo del Objeto, MODO, was opened in October 2010 in Mexico City. It is the first space in the city dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and propagation of diverse expressions of design and communication.


Chic by accident

Location: Alvaro Obregon 49, Roma (La Valise)
Phone: 55 5511 1312 Hours: n/a

a Valise Hotel is a home away from home, a luxurious townhouse that appeals to independent travelers seeking space to rest, explore, and create. ‚ÄúFor the last nine years, Mr. Picault, an antiques dealer and designer originally from Normandy, has run the house as his personal showroom and boutique, stuffing it with a playful mix of furniture, design objects and other curios. Hecalls his shop Chic by Accident, to capture the imperfection in the pieces he finds ‚ÄĒemblematic, he says, of Mexico‚Äôs freewheeling and colorful approach to design.‚ÄĚ-¬≠‚ÄźThe New York Times



Location: Patriotismo 691, Mixcoac
Phone: 55 5093 6061 Hours: Sunday 11:00am-5:00pm; Monday through Friday 10:00am-8:00pm; Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm

The National Fund for the Development of Arts and Crafts responds to the need topromote human, social and economic development of artisans in Mexico.



Location: Alejandro Dumas 161, Polanco
Phone: 55 5553 9611 ext 102 Hours: Monday through Friday 9:30am-7:00pm; Saturday 11:00am-6:00pm

Esrawe  Studio  is  a  design  workshop  aimed  to  develop  concepts  of  furniture,  product  and interior design.



Location: Alejandro Dumas 124, Polanco
Phone: 55 1579 6514 Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00am-7:00pm; Saturday 12:00am-5:00pm

During manufacturing we seek to maximize efficiency in the use of energy and operative resources. The end user assembles some of our products, thus reduce space and cost of storage, packing and transportation. We also aim to reduce our footprint that derives from every-¬≠‚Äźday operations, such as consumable office products, use of energy efficient in our facilities and work hours that allow our workers to make better use of the transportation systems. The goal is to make Pirwi a useful tool in social and environmental regeneration, which will help create a larger level of well being for the company and its workers, for those who use our products, and for the planet that allows us to manufacture them.


ADN Galeria

Location: Molière  62, Polanco
Phone: 55 5511 5521 Hours: Monday through Thursday 11:00am-7:30pm; Friday and Saturday 11:00am-3:30pm

ADN is a gallery specialized in vintage furniture, antiques, design and art-¬≠‚Äźobjects from different time periods, origins and styles.We are interested in gathering, mixing and giving new context to the pieces in our gallery. We wish to integrate them into the different spaces of contemporary life in creative and innovative ways that trigger their inner vitality.The common denominators of our collection are quality and authenticity. We strive to find in each case the identity of each piece, its particular mystery and charm.ADN Gallery is a place for those who see in the exceptional real luxury.


Carla Fernandez

Location: Colima 145, Roma
Phone: 55 5510 9624 Hours: Monday through Saturday 11:00am-9:00pm; Sunday 11:00am-7:00pm

Fashion label inspired by the textiles and geometric richness of Mexico.Finalist of the 2011 Sustainability Awards IYCE Fashion Award Winner 2008 delivered by Taller Flora Project.


MAM Boutique

Location: Colima 323, Roma
Phone: 55 5264 1012 Hours: Monday through Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm

Our boutique is located in the heart of Colonia Romain Mexico City, with its streets full of history involvethe Mexican exclusive design, the best selection of emerging design is here, with the variety, quality and design that characterizes us we compete with popular retail stores in terms of cost, since the quality and design is presented in small collections to maintain the exclusivity that the customer deserves.


Jesus Ibarra y Bertholdo

Location: Edgar Allan Poe 87, Polanco
Phone: 55 5510 9624 Hours: By Appointment

Create unique garments filled with artistry and elegance. Women wear on special occasions delicate textiles integrating applications and rhinestones making each piece a work of art.

Maggie Galton

Location: Hegel 346 Apt. 9, Polanco
Phone: 55 5255 2230 Hours: By Appointment

Maggie Galton’s work represents her desire to:Build opportunities for Mexican artisans to build profitable businesses modeled on traditional craft techniques and ecologically respectful practices; promote sustainable growth and favorable work conditions for the artisansand create community well being. Her design work for the past 13 years has evolved out of a desire to encourage newer generations of Mexicans as well as foreigners to be proud of the beauty and meaning behind the nation’s popular craft and artisanal traditions and to incorporate them into their daily lives and practices.By creating new designs that draw on these traditions but that are adapted to contemporary needs and tastes, she hopes to inspire people to consume local products and not look uniquely beyond borders for such design products.


Sangre de mi Sangre

Location: Edifico Balmori Orizaba 101 L-F, Roma
Phone: 55 5511 8599 Hours: Monday through Saturday 11:00am-7:00pm

angre de mi Sangre is a Mexican jewelry brandcreated in 2005 by Mariana Villarreal. Each piece represents the bonding between the designer and the piece.Vogue, Harper‚Äôs Bazaar, Nylon, Marie Claire, Elle and Wallpaper have all featured Sangre de mi Sangre‚Äôs pieces in their publications.Sangre de miSangre has two lines: collections and custom-¬≠‚Äźmade jewelry.


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