Has the Adventure Travel World Summit inspired you? Four amazing experiences in Mexico.

Waterfalls In Chiapas MexicoFor 2011, the Adventure Travel World Summit was held in Chiapas, Mexico. Can you think of a better choice to get the adventure-travel movers and shakers ready for another year of excitement? If you’re up for it, here are four of Mexico’s most heart-pounding adventure trips:

Waterfalls, Ruins and Ziplines in Chiapas, Mexico – What More Could You Want?
This adventure trip to Chiapas combines physical excitement with a little mental stimulation! Start off exploring the highs and lows of Gully Canyon Park, an eco-tourism favorite. After you enter the park by boat and pass through the mile-high canyon walls, you’ll have a chance to zip-line through the tree-tops to see it all from a completely different perspective!

That’s just a taste of what this trip includes! Here are a few more highlights:
• Swim at the base of Las Cascadas de Agua Azul.
• Explore ancient Mayan ruins in the midst of the jungle at Palenque.
• Tour the cities of Villa Hermosa and San Cristobal de la Casas.
• View ancient artifacts at the La Venta Park Museum.

Adventure Family Style – A Great Bonding Opportunity!
Explore lovely Baja California Sur with the entire gang this year! This trip will keep everyone so busy that no one will even thing about mentioning the dreaded “B” word. That stands for boring, by the way!

Start off getting to know Todos Santos like a native! Stroll the colonial streets, visit the fishing village and pick out a new masterpiece in the artist’s colony. When you’re ready to explore, go kayaking or hike the sea cliffs to view the coastline from above. Before you leave, don’t forget to visit the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere to experience waterfalls in the midst of a dry desert.

Next, La Paz and Espiritu Santo Island await your arrival! In this tropical paradise, you’ll swim with seal lions and schools of tropical fish, hike the canyons and paddle a kayak through the Sea of Cortes under dramatic volcanic cliffs.

To end your trip, plan your own itinerary in Cabo San Lucas! Choose from a variety of extreme activities suitable for the entire family including whale watching, deep-sea fishing, a desert Hummer tour or simply soaking up the sun on the beach!

Surfs Up in Sunny Mexico!
Surf ‘til you drop on the sun-kissed Pacific coast of Mexico! A surfer’s dream vacation, the luxury accommodations included in this trip put you right in the middle of the action. You’ll split your time between two luxury beach-front villas. This doesn’t mean you’ll sit on the beach waiting for the waves. To reach the secret surfing hot spots, expect to take a few road trips and even a flight to find Mexico’s hidden treasures.

Leave the Beach Behind to Climb a Volcano
Retrace the steps of that famous explorer Cortez as you enjoy your own adventure through the mountainous regions of Mexico. During your 10-day stay, you’ll test your skills on two different rugged volcanoes, a series of mountains and even get a chance to see the glaciers that cover the most extreme areas in this part of central Mexico.

Between climbs, explore the small towns of Puebla and Cholula as well as Mexico City. The contrast between sleepy Mexican villages and one of the biggest cosmopolitan areas of the world will give you a special insight into the Mexico of yesterday and the country of today!

If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, book your trip to exciting Mexico today! The beaches, the mountains and everything in between are waiting for you to arrive.
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