Ancient Ruins Continue to be discovered in Mexico

Tzintzuntzan of which the newly discovered Purepechan site is believed to be a suburb

If you enjoy archaeology travel, Mexico is a must visit as archeologists are constantly uncovering cities, towns, and places of importance from the Mesoamerican world.

The archeology department of Colorado State University has recently discovered and mapped an ancient city of the Purepecha people near Lake Patzcuaro. The Purepecha people, who held off the Aztecs and long resisted the Spanish, are thought of as unique in terms of Mesoamerican peoples, as their language is believed to most closely resemble that of the Quechua in far-off Peru. Archaeologists hope the discovery of this new site will add to the almost non-existent knowledge of Purpechan culture.

The site at Patzcuaro is said to include houses, plazas, temples, and a pyramid. Patzcuaro is located just outside of Morelia and makes an excellent location for a day trip during a tour of Colonial Mexico. More about this recent discover can be found at The Los Angeles Times.

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