Best Mexico City Tour – Charming, Enchanting, Historical

Best Mexico City Tour and TripMexico City is a fitting name for the site of what was once the legendary Aztec capital in the 14th century, the colonial holding of New Spain in the 16th century, and the backdrop for some of the most significant moments of the Mexican Revolution in the 20th century. The rich cultural development that defines Mexico as a country is so vibrantly embodied in the historic landscape and architecture of Mexico City, the subtle modernization of ancient cuisine, the blending of diverse populations, and the evolution of art and commerce across the region.

Historic Mexico City

If you’re planning a relaxing Mexican vacation, Journey Mexico’s enriching tour of Mexico City is the perfect way to jumpstart your trip. The contemporary face of greater Mexico City is still closely acquainted with the past, and every element – from its inhabitants to the local attractions – reinforces those historical ties. Right at the heart of the city lies one of the largest town squares in the world, the Zocalo, a place where ancient Aztec ceremonies were held and Spanish viceroys were presented during colonial times. Now, it stands as the political seat of the city and a breathtaking stage for all sorts of festivals and dynamic performances.

If you wandered the streets of greater Mexico City, you would be enchanted by rows of charming artisan boutiques and enticing restaurants. Not to mention, two of the region’s cultural gems await, the bazaars of Artesanal de Coyocan and San Angel, brimming with exquisite handcrafted pottery, jewelry, silverwork, tapestries and more. Along those same pathways, you would encounter theaters and concert halls performing the works of classical masters, museums filled with centuries old artifacts, and buildings that have stood for just as long. The Catedral Metropolitano is one such architectural masterpiece, a majestic successor to the sacred Aztec structure it replaced and the most extensive cathedral in the Americas.

Mexico City Attractions

It’s impossible to visit this stunning region without feeling captivated by both its natural and man-made landmarks. All around, Mexico City and its surrounding towns are encircled by colossal structures. The towering peaks of the snow-capped volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl are visible from miles away, and just beyond the city proper, the Aztec archaeological ruins of Teotihuacan are preserved, populated with grand pyramids decorated with unrivaled artistry.

Many of Mexico’s celebrated figures originated here and their famous haunts still stand in dedication, including the former homes of artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Even if you’re a frequent traveler to the area, Journey Mexico can offer insider info on a variety of inconspicuous locales with ties to renowned international figures. For instance, literature connoisseurs will be intrigued by the obscure spots where famed Beatnik writers like Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg discovered discovered much of their inspiration.

Guided Mexico City Tour

You could easily find your way to some of the most exciting attractions in Mexico City and the equally thrilling cities of Puebla, Taxco, Cuernevaca and beyond. But then you’d never understand the remarkable significance behind each building, road and community. Join Journey Mexico for one of the best Mexico City tours; an extraordinary guided trip that will reveal a fresh, multi-layered perspective of greater Mexico City like you’ve never seen before.

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