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Mexico Surf Trip

Mainland Mexico Surf Trip

Any passionate surfer knows the waves won’t come to you. You have to go out and chase them. Beyond the sandy shores of Mexico’s Pacific coast, fantastic waves you’d swear were expertly sculpted just for a surf board are already breaking. That’s why Journey Mexico has designed the ultimate surfing vacation. The best surf trip to Mexico is our Mainland Mexico Surf Trip with luxury accommodations delivers you right to the crystal waters and sun-soaked beaches of Mexico, where you can relax, enjoy the local scenery and hit the board to cruise some insane waves.

Explore Mexico’s Best Surfing Spots

If your surf board is practically your second home, the Mainland Mexico Surf Trip is the perfect way to load up your vacation days with non-stop boarding in some of the country’s most dynamic waters. This exhilarating trip includes ten days with an expert guide who will show you some of the best surfing spots in the area. And don’t fret if you don’t see your dream wave on the horizon. An SUV is standing by at all times to transport you from break to break so you can have the ride of your life on some awesome surf.

As always, at Journey Mexico we strive to design versatile trips that emphasize the entire vacation experience. So when you’re not surfing, you’ll be relaxing in two stunning private beachfront villas. The first three nights are spent in Rio Nexpa, where the sound of crashing waves is just outside your window. Unwind in a 4300-sq. ft villa equipped with Wi-Fi, an onsite bar and a tower roof deck with an exciting crow’s nest for scanning the surf.

The journey continues by private plane as you travel to Huatulco, Mexico for seven nights in a luxury villa offering 5-star amenities. If the rooftop Jacuzzi and breakfast nook aren’t enough, you’ll surely be enticed by the full-service day spa, beach club and infinity pool. Guests are given plenty of time in the evening to enjoy the villa’s accommodations, venture out for a taste of local cuisine and nightlife, or spend a quiet night strolling the beach by moonlight.

The Mexico Surf Trip highlights include:

  • 10 days in luxury beachfront accommodations
  • Travel between mainland destinations by private plane
  • Personal surf guide with insider access
  • Convenient SUV travel lets you scope out the best waves
  • Professional photos and videos to capture your vacation highlights

Our luxury surf vacation makes the best use of your time, bringing you right to your ideal breaks for an optimum surf experience. If you’re ready to tackle some waves, book a spot on this surfing adventure for an unforgettable ride on the Mexican coastal waters.

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