Celebrating Fiestas Patrias in Mexico City: An Unforgettable Trip to Mexico

Travelers who enjoy immersing themselves in exciting, colorful cultural events will be thrilled by Mexico’s┬áFiestas Patrias. Taking place on September 15 and 16 every year, the┬áFiestas Patrias celebrate Mexico’s independence. The people of Mexico enjoy gathering with family and friends for parties and get-togethers in the days leading up to these important holidays.


Immerse Yourself in Mexican Culture

Contrary to popular belief outside of Mexico,┬áCinco de Mayo isn’t the day on which the Mexican people celebrate their independence. While May 5 commemorates an important battle victory, the real independence day occurs on September 16. This patriotic holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico with parades, parties and public gatherings.

The Fiestas Patrias events actually begin on the evening on September 15. High-ranking government officials and many individuals throughout Mexico re-enact an event called the Grito de Dolores. This call to independence was issued by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Catholic priest who called the people to revolt and claim their independence.

Travelers who are interested in experiencing Mexican culture from the inside out will enjoy attending public events and festivities during Fiestas Patrias. The majority of citizens celebrate whole heartedly during this time. Thanks to beautiful fall temperatures, it is truly a perfect time for visitors to dive into Mexican culture.


Enjoy Fiestas Patrias in Beautiful Mexico City

There is no better city in which to celebrate the┬áFiestas Patrias than the nation’s capitol, Mexico City. A private tour of this charming, historic city offers the perfect way to familiarize one’s self with Mexican history and culture. The site of the Aztec capital in the 14th century, Mexico City became the capitol of New Spain in the 16th century after conquistadors conquered the Aztec empire.


Today, visitors to Mexico City can take in archaeological sites dating from both pre-Columbian and Colonial eras. Some of the most important public areas used by both the Aztec and Spaniards have been transformed into modern-day gathering places and performing arts centers. A wide array of cathedrals, government buildings and theaters will delight travelers with discriminating tastes. Mexico City is widely regarded as one of the most labyrinthine cities in the world. While it is certainly possible for visitors to wander from fascinating site to fascinating site, travelers who take a guided tour will have a better opportunity to truly understand the city’s rich cultural and political history. A guided tour offers a wonderful way for visitors to see and understand the distinct communities that make up Mexico City.Visitors who want to experience the best of Mexican culture while visiting the nation’s capitol are well-served by visiting during the┬áFiestas Patrias. Visitors will be able to enjoy these vibrant, exciting festivities while visiting some of the most important historical sites in Mexico. The charm of Mexico City will not be lost on visitors who are looking for a truly immersive cultural experience.



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