Journey Mexico’s Chiapas Tour: National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s “50 Tours of a Lifetime”

At Journey Mexico, we’re especially proud that one of our favorite vacation packages to Chiapas made the National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s “50 Tours of a Lifetime” list this year! Although it’s always an honor to achieve this level of recognition, this year is truly special. For 2012, National Geographic Traveler chose “transformation” as the overall theme in addition to evaluating each tour based on authenticity, sustainability, and degree of immersion. This means that the judges at National Geographic Traveler felt our Chiapas Tour: A Journey through Mexico Less Visited has the power to make a permanent change in the lives of both our travelers and the local residents who live in the various villages along the route. While we like to think that each of our packages is a “trip of a lifetime,” the Chiapas Tour lives up to that reputation more than any other! If you’d like to become fully immersed in the rich culture of Mexico, here’s a closer look at this Chiapas Tour:

The Journey Begins The Chiapas tour is designed to give you an intimate look at Southwest Mexico and the Mayan World. Your journey will begin in Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of Chiapas, where your tour leader will welcome you at the Tuxtla Gutierrez airport. Next, you will travel through the Sumidero Canyon before ascending into the highest reaches of the Sierra Madre Sur to reach the quaint colonial city that serves as the commercial center of the highland people of Txotzil and Tzetzal. Within this part of Mexico, the proud farmers still live their lives according to ancient cultural traditions. You’ll have ample opportunity to see this up close as your group explores the area surrounding San Cristobal on foot and interacts with the locals. During your stay, you’ll visit the workshops of local artisans, view the colonial architecture and explore the San Cristobal museums.

The Adventure Continues After you fully explore the highland areas, your group will descend to the exotic Chiapan rainforests where you will enjoy a day filled with swimming, hiking and waterfall exploration. Once you arrive at the jungle, you’ll discover a number of ancient Mayan ruins including Yaxchitlan, Palenque, Bomampak and Edzna.

Compared to other better-known sites, these are much less crowded but just as significant. The locations are stunning, and your leader will fill you in on the amazing accomplishments of the ancient Mayans in the fields of astronomy, engineering and agriculture. From the jungle, you’ll venture into Tabasco to visit the zoo and the museum to learn more about the Olmec culture.

The Final Transformation On the last night of your stay, you’ll attend a farewell fiesta and dance the night away with the Tabasco locals. The next day, you’ll depart from the Villa Hermosa’s International Airport. From here, you can get a flight into many other Mexican destinations to continue your adventure or fly back to the States. If you’re ready for your “Journey of a Lifetime,” book an adventure and discover an entirely new side of Mexico.


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