Defending Mexico

The article Mexico Maligned; The Mainstream Media´s Myopia by Terry Denton confronts the issue of the onslaught of negative media coverage of Mexico over the past couple of years.   In the article, Denton presents an alternative view, offers some rational metrics for measuring Mexico’s safety and ends by challenging consumers to base their ultimate decision on travel to Mexico on something other than overwrought media reports.

[Summary Excerpt]:
“I hope I have demonstrated that striking Mexico off your list of vacation destinations based solely on money driven media reports is, dare I say it, illogical, irrational and well ..myopic. The real shame is that you are depriving yourself of one of the most value centered travel experiences available anywhere in the world. Mexico has world-class hotels, incredible dining, exciting activities and rich traditions all tendered to the world by humble masters of unparalleled service.

Unfortunately, this humble blogger doesn’t have a prayer by himself of making the least dint in the news coverage of Mexico. Unbowed and undeterred, however, I shall keep on lending my own voice to many others crying in the wilderness. I shall attend Mexico, I shall defend Mexico, I shall recommend Mexico! My only hope is that your decision, fellow traveler, when it is made, will be based on a basic grasp of geography, a familiarity with a few simple statistics and a confident reliance on the consistent testimony of a legion of travelers to Mexico with irrefutable firsthand knowledge.

Whatever you eventually decide, I will fully respect your decision. But please,and again I say please, don’t let a myopic media’s thirst for mayhem rob you of experiencing one of the world’s great treasures. Take if from one who knows, you will be the poorer for it.”

For the full text and deeper details, the complete article can be found here: Mexico Maligned; The Mainstream Media´s Myopia by Terry Denton

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