Discover Art and Cuisine in Mexico City, the City of Frida

Journey Mexico recently chatted with Travel Agent Central about Mexico City . Below are excerpts from the article “Art and Cuisine in the City of Frida” written by Ana Figueroa and featured on Travel Agent Central’s website:

The Mexican self-portrait artist Frida Kahlo spent most of her life in Mexico City’s historic Coyoacan neighborhood. Her home, La Casa Azul, became a museum after her death in 1954. It’s now one of the most-visited museums in Mexico City. The bright blue structure is filled with photos and paintings by Kahlo and her husband, Diego Rivera; as well as folk art, artifacts and memorabilia from their (often stormy) life together.  Next door, the Diego Rivera House-Studio holds the renowned muralist’s work materials, his collection of pre-Hispanic artifacts as well as personal items.

But there’s more to life in the “city of Frida” than artist studios and museums.That’s the message from the Mexico Tourism Board. They’re enticing visitors to experience “A Mexico City Journey Inspired by Frida Kahlo.” The “journey” includes a number of culinary, cultural and artistic highlights.


“The culinary movement is really booming in Mexico City. We’re seeing a lot more interest in that. We have itineraries that showcase different types of culinary experiences,” Lilliana Aviles, director of marketing for Journey Mexico,tells Travel Agent.

The company’s “In-depth Culinary Experience & Hands-On Cooking Class” includes a tour of Mercado Medellin in the Roma neighborhood. Guests sample salsas, moles, craft cheeses, single origin coffee from Chiapas, among other items. After the market tour, they take part in a cooking class followed by a Mexican wine and artisanal mezcal tasting. Journey Mexico offers a “Market Tour and Cooking Class” that visits Mercado San Juan, one of the oldest in Mexico City. Afterwards, guests take part in a cooking class and wine pairing conducted by Chef Maycoll Calderon of J&G Grill at the St. Regis Mexico City.

Chef Maycoll J&G Grill Private Cooking Class


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