Good News Out of Oaxaca City…

In recent weeks, Oaxaca has been featured repeatedly and sensationally in the news over an isolated event that occurred on June 19th, 2016. While the country is indeed facing social and political challenges along with the rest of the world,  we are saddened by the media’s exaggeration and exploitation of events in Oaxaca. We here at Journey Mexico are constantly monitoring the situation for safety and any potential impact on travel in the area, and we are happy and confident to report that all our contacts in Oaxaca speak positively and that Oaxaca City and the main tourist areas remain unaffected.

“Oaxaca was great. The Federal Police are moving in this weekend to remove the tents from the square and the police were arriving today. While the tents and protesters were visual pollution, they were friendly and we felt safe. I would not hesitate to recommend Oaxaca. Hope this is of Assistance” – Wendy, a recent traveler of Journey Mexico in Oaxaca June 29

“Oaxaca is under social/political issues and while the news has blown up an incident where the federal police removed a road block that kept an area of Oaxaca interrupted, it’s become more political than social, and the people that live here find it uncomfortable to see these political struggles and our daily lives directed and affected by the media.

My son goes to a university near where the incident happened (closer to there then we are in the city) and he still drives to-and-from everyday without problem. We are operating normally. We just finished with some clients from Brasil and they were wondering how come the news cast was so alarming while in reality, they were totally normal walking to diner every evening and visiting Monte Alban/Mitla…etc.

I know you may be worried by seeing such dramatic news reports but please understand that it’s all political and that news are censored politically in Mexico. Oaxaca is not a war zone. I run my daily errands as usual and live as normal as always, with only the inconvenience of strikers marching at times.  It’s not dangerous. Keep in mind, that we are not allowed to own guns; there are not armed dangerous groups; these manifestations are are teachers mislead and forced to march. That is all, no danger, just terrible publicity.” – Florencio, Journey Mexico’s lead guide in Oaxaca


Florencio conducting tours as normal; ” … no danger, just bad publicity”

Oaxaca City is quiet. Only in the zocalo there were some camped out teaches with protest banners, but that’s all. We continue to receive guests, including a wedding just last weekend with guests from around the world.” – Miguel, Hotel Quinta Real Oaxaca

“In fact, in Oaxaca City, everything is calm. All business are operating normal, touristic sites and archaeological zones are open, and there is nothing that preventing visits to the city. It is very important to mention that the situation in Oaxaca City is very different to what is shown on the media.

Last weekend we celebrated a Wedding at the Hotel Azul, the bride and her party traveled from California and Michigan and the grooms party from Mexico City.  The wedding was fantastic, all guests enjoyed walking through the city during their stay, visiting museums, eating at different restaurant and bars and having a traditional “Calenda” in the streets of Oaxaca.

A visit to Oaxaca is totally safe. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Oaxaca City! – Hotel Azul Oaxaca

“The atmosphere in Oaxaca city is calm. It’s a bit quiet, with fewer tourists than general, but people are going about their business as usual and cultural events are taking place as planned, and locals and visitors are looking forward to the upcoming Guelaguetza festival at the end of the month. Travelers planning a trip to Oaxaca should realize that no one has a beef with tourists and they will be welcomed with open arms by the local businesses. If you come across a protest it is best to go the other way as the Mexican law prohibits foreigners from involvement in politics. Otherwise you really have nothing to be concerned about. As always, Oaxaca is a rich and interesting cultural destination with plenty to explore and discover.” – Suzanne Barbezat, Mexico travel expert for

“The situation in the city is quiet at the moment, there are peaceful demonstrations in the zocalo. And all is lapsing normally.” – Marisela Perez, La Casona de Tita

“It’s very unfortunate the situation that happened on Sunday the 19th. The things that happened took place  in a town that fortunately, is 2 hours away from the Oaxaca City‘s centro. Starting the following day, Monday the 20th, until today, the events have not stirred up again. The airport has not closed, the hotel is operating normally, there is no contingency in the City, nor lack of drinks, food, or gas.

Our guests have arrived without any inconvenience and have been able to do their tours without any problem. Unfortunately the news is tabloid journalism, and they play the same story that happened on the 19th everyday. In social media they publish conflicting photos from 2006! Last week we had a wedding, all the guests were foreigners, and this week we have a group that enjoyed their stay and their activities without any setbacks.” – Jannyn Uribe, Quinta Real Oaxaca

“The city center of Oaxaca is quiet and life resumes as normal. The restaurants, as well as the markets and stores are open. There are tents at the zocalo and sometimes bloqueades outside of the city, but in the center it is quiet.” – Annemieke, Casa de los Sabores

“Through this post, I want to explain how this current situation in Oaxaca. There are problems of roads in certain parts of the state but with respect to the city, the frequency of flights not been canceled and all flights have come and gone. In the city you can walk quietly and visit museums, churches , galleries, art shops, eat in the restaurants . We recommend not to visit the area where protesters are. Regarding the tours, you can visitor archaeological zones and towns near the city. In the city there is no shortage of food, no gas, life in the city remains the same. Secretary of Tourism continues to work for the Guelaguetza in July. The only drawback is Oaxacan live demonstrations and marches which cause traffic in the city and closing streets for hours. Oaxaca can continue visiting and enjoying.” – Orieta Ballesteros, Casa Catrina


Events continue normally in Oaxaca City – July 1 Official Parade in anticipation for Guelaguezta this month

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