Hacienda Puerta Campeche New Chef and Ceviche Cooking Class

Hacienda Puerta Campeche, a boutique hotel part of the five Luxury Collection hotels operated by Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Mexico, is a¬†true architectural relic that dates back to the 17th century. It sits right in the heart of Campeche City’s colorful Historic Center, declared¬†of great importance and a World Heritage Site by¬†UNESCO.

The building that has now been transformed into a luxury hotel-hacienda was originally the home¬†to¬†one of the first traders to sell imported products in the area over 400 years ago. With its location on¬†¬†the Gulf of Mexico, and having inherited ancient recipes and cultures from the Mayans, Puerta Campeche offers ¬†authentic gastronomical experiences to guests that combine local produce and freshness from the sea. ¬† With this in mind,¬†Hacienda Puerta Campeche’s¬†newly appointed Chef, Ignacio Ba√Īuelos, has created a¬†cooking class with one of the most popular and freshest dishes in Mexico: ceviche.

Although ceviche ¬†can seem easy and effortless to prepare, a good ceviche has its tricks! During this cooking class, guests are able to learn from the experts how to marinate and properly¬†mix the main ingredient, sea food – which can be fish, shrimp, octopus, salmon, tuna – ¬†with different ingredients, including traditional flavors¬†such as mango, pineapple, and cucumber, as well local ingredients like the Chaya plant, a type of spinach typically used in Mayan dishes¬†that is very rich in iron, potassium and calcium. After enjoying this dish and learning ancient Mayan tips, guests can¬†finish their evening soaking in the beautiful views from Hacienda Puerta Campeche’s¬†terrace, the pool or a good nap in their hammocks.¬†This¬†flavorful and versatile dish is a refreshing option for Campeche’s sunny weather.



For visitors of  one of the other four Luxury Collection Haciendas in the Yucatan (Temozon, Uayamon, Santa Rosa, or San Jose) it is necessary to taste the culinary delights of a typical Yucatecan kitchen. One of its most representative dishes is cochinita pibil: a typical platter of the region which consists of pork meat flavored in achiote and sour orange. The meat is covered by banana leaves and cooked in an underground built oven, giving it that special flavor.
Guests at these haciendas have the opportunity to witness the ‚ÄúCochinita Pibil Cooking Show‚ÄĚ, where they share the experience cooking hand in hand with the chef, and then enjoy this delicious dish served with marinated onion in handmade tortillas.¬†Undoubtedly the Cochinita Pibil is not only a delight for the palate, it is also a symbol of a culture and a heritage of this region!


For the opportunity to visit the Haciendas of the  Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, check out our Splendor of Yucatan’s Hacienda Custom Itinerary or Family Weekend Escape to the Yucatan Tour (customizable).


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Hacienda San Jose Cholul &¬†Hacienda Uayamon¬†–¬†4th Night Free:¬† Stay 3 nights and receive a complimentary 4th night stay.

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