Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo!

Today marks Frida Kahlo’s would-be 103rd birthday. Commonly regarded as one of Mexico’s (and the world’s) finest artists, Frida’s works are celebrated as emblematic of the national tradition of Mexico. In homage, Google has dedicated today’s homepage “doodle” of Google.mx to Frida.

Journey Mexico proudly features the Frida Kahlo Museum as a staple of our cultural trips to Mexico City. The famous “Little Blue House,” the site of the museum, was the birthplace of Frida Kahlo as well as her place of residence with famous artist Diego Rivera from 1929 until her death.

Journey Mexico is also a proud supporter of the Museum and Studio of Diego Rivera in San Angel, another staple in many of our trips to Mexico City. Journey Mexico was honored to be chosen to manage much of the 2010 Virtuoso Symposium, including several half-day cultural/culinary experiences in Mexico City, one of which was a visit to the Museum and Studio of Deigo Rivera for lunch and a private presentation. This was the first time such an event has ever been held at the location. During this lunch, Journey Mexico donated several computers and monitors so that the museum could showcase historical footage and works of Diego Rivera.

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