International Community Foundation Releases Report on Health Care and Americans Retiring in Mexico

Rising healthcare costs and economic pressure caused from the global recession is causing more and more Americans to retire in Mexico, where they are finding affordable access to sufficient health care and where the cost of living is much more affordable. The International Community Foundation has released an extensive report that offers some interesting facts about retirement in Mexico and Mexican health care.

The report indicates that Mexican health care costs approximately 70-75% less than equivalent care in the US. A trip to the doctor’s in Mexico costs approximately $35 and a house call, which is still a prevalent practice in many regions of Mexico, costs as little as $25. Many retirees take advantage of the health care offered by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS). For $600 a year, the IMSS will cover medicine, x-rays, dental work, and even hospital care.

As Mexico continues to pump money into training bi-lingual doctors and nurses, Mexico should continue to attract more and more retirees looking to live more comfortably than they are able to in the US.

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