Isla Holbox Sunsets – #JourneyHolbox

As noted in the previous post #JourneyHolbox, I am in Isla Holbox for the first time gathering the complete 411 of the area.  To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect before arriving; I had been hearing  nothing but great things about Holbox for the past two years but in the back of my mind,  I had a small feeling that it was going to be overrated. Thankfully, that thought couldn’t have been more farther from the truth — Isla Holbox is a true paradise just like they say. As one would expect, I spent my first day on the island just enjoying the sun and eating fresh ceviche.  Since the end of winter is winding down, that means the days are short and the sun sets at around 5:45pm.  I was very much looking forward to the sunset; not only are they ‘famous’ on the island, but my skin was definitely already ready for some relief from the hot sun. Most people say the best place to view the sunset is the most western (SW) part of the island, but in my opinion, since the island is already facing west, anywhere is good.  With that, I chose to do the opposite and  make my way to the eastern (NE) portion in order to watch how the sun bounced off the shore and reflect graciously on the water. Simply breathtaking, just take a look.


The next day…



This post is part of my #JourneyHolbox trip – reporting live from Casa Sandra Boutique Hotel on Isla Holbox. You  can read my insider’s tips (orginally shared in real-time) on InstagramTwitterFacebook and FourSquare with the hashtag #JourneyHolbox

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