Matteo’s Moments: La Rosca de Reyes (King’s Ring Cake)

Rich in Culture and Tradition, Holiday Season in Mexico isn’t over yet. On January 6th, Mexico celebrates a tradition called La Rosca de Reyes, which is a celebration of Epiphany. The celebration commemorates the arrival of the three Wise Men (or Magi), marking the end of the Christmas season. In this tradition, a round cake is baked with a figurine of baby Jesus inside (which symbolizes the flight of Jesus from King Herod), and whoever cuts the piece of cake containing baby Jesus is blessed and is required to host a party on February 2nd (Dia de la Calendaria) and provide tamales to the guests.

Here in Mexico, the tradition has evolved to include the baking of the three wise men as well as baby Jesus into the cake, as you’ll see in this webisode of Matteo’s Moments. You can learn more about the Rosca de Reyes tradition here.

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