Mexican Tourists not Deterred

The Economist posted a great article last Thursday titled: “Can’t Keep Them Away,” which offers some interesting statistics and facts on Mexican tourism. Below are some of the highlights:

Record Setting – “After an appalling 2009, in which the outbreak of swine flu emptied hotels overnight, the number of visitors this year will be close to 2008’s record total of 22.6 million”

Number 10 – “Even excluding 50 million annual day-trippers, Mexico remains the world’s tenth most-visited country”

Travelers Saving – “The average tourist this year has spent 5% less than in 2008, thanks to slashed hotel rates”

Safety – “Yucatán, home of some of the most-visited Mayan ruins, has a murder rate roughly equal to that of France”

Monetizing Crime – “Some of the most popular souvenirs in Chiapas today are T-shirts and chess sets featuring Subcomandante Marcos and co.” (a reference to Zapatista rebels, whose armed campaign against the government drove many tourists away during the 1990s)

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