Mexico to Start Focusing on Cultural Tourism

We are always happy to see more articles, like Laura Del Rosso’s at Travel Weekly, about promoting Mexico’s opportunities for cultural tourism in conjunction with, and with the same effort as, its beach tourism. We all know that for years, Mexico has been publicized for it’s white sands, turquoise water, and pristine resorts, but it’s exciting to see more emphasis being placed on the myriad of cultural experiences Mexico has to offer.

In a previous article, we mentioned that Mexico has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other Latin American country, but we didn’t actually look at the numbers in comparison with the world leaders. In terms of cultural sites, Mexico has 25 sites, Italy has 42, Spain has 36, the UK has 23, France has 30, and the US has 8. In terms of natural sites, Mexico has 4, Italy has 2, Spain has 3, the UK has 4, France has 2, and the US has 12. With Mexico stacking up so strongly to these leaders of tourism in terms of cultural and natural sites, it obvious that we need to start advertising these sites the travelers of the world.

The reason I came to Mexico (from the US) in the first place was because I felt like “everyone’s done Europe.” From the moment I got here, I knew I made the right choice. Since I’ve lived here, I’ve had a few dozen people visit me, and I can honestly say that I am confident every one of them will be back to Mexico at some point in their lives. The country is just that beautiful.

We need to join together with Gloria Guevara, Mexico’s new Minister of Tourism, to combat the biased and misleading news agencies that are depriving the world of the unforgettable experiences that Mexico has to offer. Through cultural trips, wildlife experiences, and adventure travel, we can put Mexico at the top of the global tourism map, where it should rightfully be.

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