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Journey Mexico recently chatted with Travel Weekly about Mexico’s culinary diversity and the growing segment of foodie travel.  Below are excerpts from the article “Digging into Mexico’s Culinary Diversity” written by Meagan Drillinger  and featured on Travel Weekly’s website:

We are absolutely seeing a trend towards culinary travel,” said Zachary Rabinor, director general and CEO of Journey Mexico. “In fact, while most people don’t travel exclusively to Mexico as part of a cooking or foodie tour, our guests are more and more interested in gastronomy and culinary experiences, from street food taco tours to haute cuisine with Michelin Star chefs.

Each region in Mexico is known for a specific style of cooking way beyond what typical menus at all-inclusive resorts label as “Mexican food.” But there are specific destinations in Mexico that are renowned for “foodie” travel.


On a recent visit to Mexico City, I arranged for a customized tour of Mexico’s street food with Journey Mexico. The half-day walking tour took me through neighborhoods like San Angel, Coyoacan and the bustling Mercado de San Juan. The day started with piping-hot churros dunked in chocolate or dulce de leche. This was followed with street quesadillas, stuffed plump with cheese and huitlacoche (a type of edible corn fungus that is much more delicious than it sounds). We also tucked into street pork tacos and tackled a torta that weighed more than four pounds stuffed with egg, pork, cheese, chicken, chorizo and about a dozen other heart-stopping ingredients.


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