Monarch Butterflies Are on Their Way to Mexico

Exciting news has come out of Michoacan today as the state has announced that this upcoming November 25th will be the date for the official opening of the Monarch  Butterfly Sanctuaries in Michoacan and Mexico State. The opening season ceremony will take place at El Rosario Butterfly Reserve where officials will also inaugurate the newly rehabilitated infrastructure and reveal the UNESCO World Heritage Site plaque.

The butterflies have already started making their annual migration from Canada to Mexico with various sightings throughout upper North America.¬†¬†Although the number of butterflies migrating have declined ¬†90% over the past several years, local news authorities¬†recently¬†reported large sightings in Ohio boasting, “Monarch butterflies by the thousands are flying over Lake Erie and they haven’t flown together in such large numbers in the area for years.”

Between Obama’s plan to create a 1,500mi butterfly corridor to assist their journey, ¬†various petitions and efforts¬†to stop illegal logging, and ongoing research on the effects of Monsanto, everybody is hoping that the re-population of Monarch will start to steadily improve. While the migration was up 69% last year,¬†the number was still the second lowest in over 20 years.¬†U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director, Dan Ash, inspired everyone to help make a difference and mentioned reversing the decline won’t be easy, but¬†it’s possible. To learn more, check out Monarch Butterfly listing¬†on

Morelia Magic Migration Butterflies

The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in ‪‎Mexico‬ was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 2008.


Update November 15 РAuthorities have reported that the number of monarch butterflies reaching Mexico this year may be three to four times higher than last year, suggesting the butterfly population is rebounding. Mexican Environment Secretary Rafael Pacchiano said the butterfly colonies could cover 3 or 4 hectares (7.8 to 9.9 acres) this year and that officials hope to reach 6 hectares (14.8 acres) in the reserves by 2020. Read more on The Washington Post, Mexico Hopes to See 3-4 Times More Butterlflies


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