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Good news about MexicoAs Mexico continues to be berated with negative media coverage, it’s important to contextualize the “shocking” news that is often sloppily reported to boost viewership. Below are some recent articles that do a good job of presenting the reality of the current state of affairs.

“Mexico’s Drug War Doesn’t Stop Tourists” ( – Top Quote: “I live in New York City,” said Shari Prince, the owner of a residential real estate company in Manhattan who returned last month from what she called a “fantastic” five-day getaway with her three daughters on the Riviera Maya, which is just southwest of Cancun. “I’d be more concerned about the crime here than in Mexico.”

“Tourism to Mexico jumps nearly 20%” ( – Top Quote: “In a surprising turnabout, international tourism to Mexico showed a sharp increase this summer — a sign that tourists may be putting aside worries about the economy and fears of drug-related violence, analysts say.”

“Tourism to Mexico is Up” ( – Top Quote: “In addition to having several of the top sun and beach destinations of the world, Mexico has 30,000 archeological sites, 110,000 monuments and 31 Unesco World Heritage sites. Many places have one or maybe two of these elements, but only Mexico combines all of them in one destination.”

“Mexico Tourism Official: Agents Big Part of Resurgence” ( – Top Quote: “Consumers are now aware that all of these problems are away from (where they will be visiting in Mexico),” Sumano says. “People are much more aware and we wanted to thank the travel agent community because of what they have shared with their clients.”

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