Peter Greenberg Comments on the Safety of Mexico

Peter Greenberg Comments on Safety in MexicoPeter Greenberg is one of the most trusted and influential figures in international travel. For decades, Greenberg has reported, edited, and produced for major media outlets such as: NBC’s Today, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC’s Good Morning America, America Online, and Men’s Health magazine. Greenberg runs a website,, and a radio show called Peter Greenberg Worldwide through which he speaks to international travel enthusiasts around the world.

Greenberg also runs a column on the AARP‘s website called Ask Peter Greenberg, on which he recently fielded a comment sent to him titled: “Is Mexico Safe for Travel?” Greenberg subtitled his response “Don’t believe the hype, but do be aware of your surroundings” and went on talk about how, yes, there is violence in Mexico but that the majority of the reported violence is focused in a few border areas, far removed from popular tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Maya (largely echoing our thoughts on the matter found in our Journey Mexico Statement on Violence and Safety).

Below are some of the stand-out quotes from Greenberg’s Response:

  • “The fact is tourism to Mexico is up 20 per cent this year, and that includes 5 million Americans!”
  • “Danger is usually limited to border cities such as Tijuana, Nuevo Laredo and Ciudad Juarez”
  • “Take a look at a map, and you’ll see how far the resort towns are from the border”
  • “Resorts are fully aware of the negative perception of Mexico as of late, and are doing their part to tighten security and make guests feel safe.”
  • “That doesn’t mean you should leave your common sense at the door.”
  • “Mexico continues to be a cost-friendly destination for American travelers, and there are great experiences to be had down there. Be smart, don’t be governed by fear, and you’ll have a good time.”

For the full article, visit “Is Mexico Safe for Travel.”

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