San Miguel de Allende: An Art & Gastronomy Destination

Recently announced in Food & Beverage Magazine, San Miguel de Allende will host a new food and art festival called MAG: Market of Arts & Gastronomy . The event is planned to become an annual occurrence, with the first dates programmed for July 13 to 16 of this year. The festival will bring together chefs, restaurants, wineries, artists, and major media along with sponsors Rosewood San Miguel Allende and Matilda.

San Miguel de Allende

“The Market of Arts & Gastronomy (MAG) will be the grandest and most dynamic food and art festival in Mexico, bringing together an array of high-profile participants including leading chefs, hotels, restaurants, food and spirits companies, wineries, artists, major media and others,” said Mr. James

Among the activities and events scheduled for this festival are:

  • Petit ComitĂ© Culinary & Art Events: Special, intimate dinners and luncheons will be held at leading restaurants and unique locations in historic San Miguel, with noted chefs cooking and artists exhibiting their works; participation will range from 40 diners to a maximum of 120. Among the dinner locations will be Casa Armida,1826 Restaurant at Rosewood, Moxi,The Restaurant and Casa Dragones, while a special lunch will be held at Bruce James’ home.
  • MarchĂ©: A grand market of gastronomy, beverages and art in San Miguel’s beautiful Parque JuĂĄrez will feature more than 120 booths with leading restaurants offering tasting dishes, tastings of Tequila, spirits, beers, wines and cheeses, and an art tunnel, art performances and art exhibitors. Casa de Aves will be supplying the design and the stands for the MarchĂ©.
  • Talk: Chefs and artists will share their personal experiences with dynamic demonstrations.
    • A ‘Mixology Room’ will be a dedicated space for enjoying premium and artisanal spirits and liquors, with top Mexican bartenders working their magic.
    • Edible Expositions will present innovative art works that will be eaten by festival goers. At an Edible Exposition by Fernanda Prado, dinner courses will be paired with art and Monte Xanic wines.
    • Special Tasting Events: Tequila, mezcal and beer tastings at El Chorro ‘Casa de la Cultura’ (a space for cultural and art activities).
    • Trillar: From a word referring to a green coffee bean that has not yet matured or been classified, the Trillar at Hacienda los Picachos will be a platform for emerging chefs to present their creative ideas to the press and MAG guests.
    • Casa Cuervo After Party: The main party of the festival where all the chefs, sponsors, festival-goers and press will celebrate the first edition of MAG.

Do not miss this delicious event! We invite you to enjoy all the flavors, smells and excitement that San Miguel de Allende has for you. To start planning,  check out some of our samples itineraries or contact one of our travel planners at [email protected]

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