Six Trendy Mexico City Galleries You’ll Love

Mexico‚Äôs cosmopolitan capital has a charm that attracts and inspires creative types from around the world: painters, filmmakers, sculptors, photographers, architects and other creators. Mexico City’s reputation is such that the¬†World Design Organization named it the¬†2018 World Design Capital,¬†the first city in the Americas to receive this title. Sometimes it is not easy keeping track of the latest happenings in the city’s art scene, so we‚Äôve prepared a handy guide to six Mexico City galleries your inner connoisseur will love.

Galería Casa Lamm

This gallery, a complement of Casa Lamm Cultural Center, is housed in¬†a rehabilitated mansion in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood. Galer√≠a Casa Lamm is “a place for art research and dissemination,” open to a variety of artistic expressions. The gallery supports the work of students at the cultural center and offers various art counseling services.

Galer√≠a Casa Lamm’s latest exhibition is¬†√Ārbol, rama y tiempo. Eterna naturaleza (Tree, branch & time. Eternal nature). Through the perennial image of the tree, this exhibition explores the¬†flux of time and its accompanying transformations. Trees embody the¬†cycle of life and the seasons, from roots to branches.

√Ālvaro¬†Obreg√≥n 99, Colonia Roma, Mexico City

Galería OMR

OMR is one of Mexico City’s leading contemporary art galleries. Established in 1983, Galer√≠a OMR showcases the work of both¬†budding and established avant-garde artists. One of its recent exhibitions is Mec√°nica de lo inestable (Mechanics of instability) by Jos√© D√°vila. Each piece in the exhibition explores the way that artists and people reorganize existing structures. D√°vila’s work shows the¬†complex, sometimes absurd, relationships in¬†these systems.

Córdoba 100, Roma Norte, Mexico City


ALMANAQUE is a cutting-edge contemporary photography gallery that debuted in February 2016. The gallery has made a name for itself with works that explore the various ways photos and images are used as an artistic medium. Iluikak, ALMANAQUE’s current show, is the work of¬†Mexican photographer Mara S√°nchez-Renero.¬†S√°nchez-Renero developed this project during her travels in the sierra of Veracruz, where she captured the ritualistic relationship between nature and the Nahua people.

Colima 101, Colonia Roma, Mexico City


PROYECTOSMONCLOVA‚ÄĒa stylized version of “Monclova Projects” ‚ÄĒ¬† is a contemporary art gallery and one of Mexico City’s foremost venues for contemporary art. One of the gallery’s guiding points is fostering the dialogue “between Mexican and international artists from different generations.”¬†The show De M√©trico a Imperial (From metric to imperial) is running through the end of April. In it, Slovenian artist¬†IŇ°tvan IŇ°t Huzjan experiments with various mediums in a style that is described as a tension between¬†avant-garde and neo-avant-garde.

Colima 55, Roma Norte, Mexico City


MARSO¬†started with the goal of creating a platform where young artists from other countries could showcase their work, and where Mexico’s creative community could engage with international artistic practices. The project soon grew and began collaborating with other institutions and galleries. It also developed a residency program and other nonprofit projects. Among MARSO’s recent exhibitions is¬†Un d√≠a que no estabas (A day you were not here), by Jean-Luc Moul√®ne.¬†Un d√≠a que no estabas¬†is¬†Moul√®ne’s exploration of “little nothings” that go by unnoticed, yet make up our reality.

Berl√≠n 37, Colonia Ju√°rez‚Äč, Mexico City


The concept for¬†kurimanzutto was born in New York, where¬†M√≥nica Manzutto, Gabriel Orozco and¬†Jos√© Kuri dreamt of a “nomad” gallery that could adapt to the spaces needed by innovative projects. Eventually they established¬†kurimanzutto in Mexico City, where their innovative spirit lives on. The gallery prioritizes “creative innovation above all else.”

DAME ZERO, by British artist Sarah Lucas, will be exhibited until this May. The exhibition takes a hard look at the way people relate to essential human experiences, like sickness, sexuality, death and culture.

Rafael Rebollar 94, Colonia San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico City

OPENING TOMORROW, 12 – 2 pm at kurimanzutto #SARAHLUCAS ‚Äď ‚ÄėDAME ZERO’ Sarah Lucas casts a particularly critical view towards gender stereotypes that seek to trespass cultural barriers of the western world. The group of works shown intend to question the way in which we understand and relate to inherent aspects of human experience, such as sexuality, sickness, and death, but also to culture and the symbols that make it identifiable. INAUGURACI√ďN MA√ĎANA 12-2 PM SARAH LUCAS – ‘DAME ZERO’ Sarah Lucas emite una mirada particularmente cr√≠tica hacia los estereotipos de g√©nero que traspasan las fronteras culturales de Gran Breta√Īa y funcionan en cualquier parte del mundo occidental. Este conjunto de obras busca cuestionar la manera en que entendemos y nos relacionamos con aspectos inherentes a la experiencia humana, como la sexualidad, la enfermedad y la muerte, pero tambi√©n con la cultura y los s√≠mbolos que la hacen identificable. #damezero #kurimanzutto

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