Tacos Al Pastor Named The World’s Tastiest Dish

It’s official. No more arguments. Tacos al pastor is the best dish on the planet… and you won’t find anyone in the Journey Mexico office arguing against that.

Mexico’s beloved street food has been crowned the world’s number one by food experts Taste Atlas seeing off stiff competition from Thailand, the Philippines, and Italy.

In the website’s Top 100 list, the pork-based taco dish scored the highest rating overall with 4.6 out of five. Second-placed pad thai from Thailand scored 4.3, while third-placed crispy pata from the Philippines also scored 4.3.

Mexico’s second-highest scoring dish was enchiladas (4.2) while chile relleno came third (4.2).

The world’s top 10 dishes                                                                                            

1. Tacos al pastor, Mexico (4.6)

2. Pad thai, Thailand (4.3)                                                  

3. Crispy pata, Philippines (4.3)

4. Tom yum, Thailand (4.3)

5. Kare-kare, Philippines

6. Trenette al pesto, Italy (4.3)

7. Khachapuri, Georgia (4.2)

8. Cevapi, Bosnia and Herzegovina (4.2)

9. Ceviche, Peru (4.2)

10. Lasagne alla Bolognese, Italy (4.2)

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Main photo by City Foodsters/Flickr

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