The Music of Oaxaca, Mexico

On Friday, the National Post published an excellent article by Karen Ashenburg about the abundance of music and dance that Oaxaca has to offer those traveling to the region (almost always for free). The article begins on a comical note as she explains that music was at the bottom of her list of reasons to travel to Oaxaca. But as anyone who has been to Oaxaca will attest, the music of the region is so beautiful, spirited, and abundant, it’s impossible to ignore it as being one of the most impressive aspects of Mexican culture.

Ashenburg’s article paints a vivid picture of the Zocalo, the city’s main square, as she describes the way the local music of Oaxaca slowly overtook her trip. From the bands in the Zocalo playing for dancing lovers, to the Mariachi groups serenading dining couples, to the pan pipers playing for anyone walking by, the wealth of music in the city (in addition to its food, its architecture, its crafts, its art, and its people) makes traveling to Oaxaca a must for anyone wanting an unforgettable cultural experience.

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