Three Ways to Make an Environmental Difference in Mexico

‘Tis the season for giving and here at Journey Mexico we’re definitely feeling the spirit! In line with our commitment to sustainable travel and environmentally responsible tourism, we bring to you three ways to support Mexico by making a positive difference in the environment and to the Earth.

1) Consider donating or becoming a member of the Oceanic Society.

Since its creation in 1969, the Oceanic Society has been inspiring people to take part in building a healthy future for the world‚Äôs oceans and to¬†address the root cause of its decline in health‚ÄĒhuman behavior. Their mission to conserve marine wildlife and habitats by deepening the connections between people and nature have prompted the Oceanic Society to create several ongoing¬†projects which¬†include the Sea Turtles Program¬†with much research and conservationist efforts benefiting¬†Mexico; and the Whales of Guerrero, Mexico that studies humpback whales and sustainable community development on the Mexican Pacific Coast.

There are several ways to support the Oceanic Society – you can adopt a species, make a charitable donation, or become a regular or sustaining annual member which directly supports efforts to protect habitats and wildlife.¬†Journey Mexico’s, Zachary Rabinor, currently sits as the Board Chair of the Oceanic Society and we invite you to please join our efforts. To learn more and to help make a difference, click here.

2) Think Blue.

Wallace J. Nichols, a field research scientist and visionary who deeply supports ocean conservation, has created what he likes to call a blue movement Рa Blue Mind. This Blue Movement of his connects the story of water with health and well-being; education and parenting; urban planning; travel; and more Рand includes a campaign to reconnect people to the environmental community and oceans that surround us.

To support the efforts of Wallace, you can consider contributing to the Blue Mind Fund which will play an invaluable role in the future of the earths waters and have a positive effect on all who care about healthy oceans. For those feeling extra giving, they can join Journey Mexico in taking it a step further and becoming a Blue Mind Angel.


3) Travel Responsibly and do your research.

This one is simple: be conscious of your decisions and environmental impact when planning your next adventure in the world. Wherever you go, strive to work with local communities and non-profit organizations with missions based on conservation and sustainability and choose a travel specialist you can trust to keep this consciousness as a priority throughout the planning process. In Mexico, you can trust that Journey Mexico is committed to this and that we work with various organizations such as Grupo Tortugero and RED Sustainable Travel to design, promote, and operate sustainable travel experiences.


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