Viva Tequila Festival in Guadalajara

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Today marks the beginning of the Viva Tequila Festival in Guadalajara, which will run from today until March 22nd and is expected to become an annual event. The festival was formed with full support from the Mexican government as well as from the ministries of Culture and Tourism, so it should definitely be quite the party.

The goal of the festival is increase tourism to the historic city of Guadalajara as well as to solidify tequila as the national drink of Mexico and, in turn, boost the sales of tequila worldwide.

The list of activities for the ten-day fest is enormous and includes tequila tasting, art shows, a photography contest, several free concerts and shows, and a celebrity parade.  I haven’t yet been able to find a full list of activities in English, but you can find a full list of events in Spanish at Vivir Guadalajara.

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