Weekend Escapes are Good for the Body, Mind and Soul

With a work-life balance becoming more and more important in people’s lives and longer vacations becoming more and more difficult with life’s day-to-day obligations, Weekend Escapes are becoming more and more popular.   These long weekend are a great way to take a short break and recharge, rediscover and rejuvenate.

Studies have shown the benefits of weekend vacations and some corporations are even encouraging such long weekends.  They are practical, easier to plan, an easy to pull off.  They offer the excitement one experiences during research and planning, the sheer pleasure of the travel experience, and the creation of memories that will last a lifetime.   All this from just a long weekend!

To really take advantage of the escape, it is best to do all you can to get away mentally as well.   While you will want to stay connected to share your incredible experience with your friends and family, it is good to do what you can to disconnect  and unplug from work while away.  Work can suck you in, and you know it will.  Chill out, explore, discover and, most of all, enjoy your escape.

For those living in the Americas, Mexico is the perfect place for a long weekend escape.   With easy-to-access destinations offering a wide variety of different travel experiences, you can find a quick trip suited to your desires.   From sitting on a beach with a drink in hand to walking the hallowed grounds of an ancient archaeological site to the stimulating discovery of a world-class city, Mexico is hard to beat.

Whether your perfect weekend escape is to Mexico or more of a “staycation” closer to home, don’t wait to plan your next getaway.   Enjoy the process, the anticipation and excitement – and most of all, enjoy the travel experiences.  After all, you work hard and are busy, you deserve it.

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